When the centralized exchange exits, whether the decentralization is the way in the circle

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  1. Regulatory upgrades, how to choose the road ahead
    On September 24, 11 departments including the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Notice on the" Mining "activity of the" Mining "of Virtual Currency"; announcement of". It is announced that the comprehensive prohibition of cryptocurrency exchanges, clarifying that the relevant business activities of virtual currencies in the country are illegal financial activities. Overseas virtual currency exchanges are qualitatively illegal financial activities to provide services to domestic residents through the Internet. With the upgrading of this round of supervision, Huobi announced the suspension of new users in mainland China. Before December 31, the existing users of the mainland region were cleared in an orderly manner; Essence Many small and medium -sized platforms directly choose to stop operation, which has led many investors to lose their assets and cannot recover.

    The decentralized platform or becoming a new choice

    UNISWAP is an Ethereum protocol, which aims to promote ETH and ERC20 token digital assets The automatic exchange trading between Ethereum is automatically provided on Ethereum. Uniswap is completely deployed on the chain. Any personal user can use this protocol as long as it is installed with decentralized wallet software. Uniswap can also be considered a DEFI project that uses decentralized protocols to fully realize de -agency during digital asset transactions.

    Gazotc is an indispensable link in the DEFI ecosystem: OTC fiat currency business. The traditional fiat currency exchange adopts a centralized method to depart from the spirit of the blockchain decentralization. Gazotc uses the efficiency of the network execution on the BSC to run the DAPP smart contract. Methods to break the barriers of traditional CEX. Among them, Gazotc has made multiple considerations in terms of security. Gazotc gives a highly evaluated audit report through the CERTIK contract. At the same time Perform safely. In the current development of the entire industry, decentralized OTC has not yet stepped out of a unicorn, and Gazotc conforms to the current development development, which is likely to become the leader of DOTC in the future.

    Gazotc has now opened the test version of DAPP. Its merchant-buyer's identity can be transformed freely. Each transaction has a flexible margin setting. Before the transaction is completed, the margin is locked until both parties confirm that the transaction is fine. If there is a problem, the security deposit can be locked, the arbitrators are involved in the transaction, and the "125 community" ruling model also guarantees the fairness and justice of the ruling. Gazotc is dominated by merchants, customers, and arbitrators, and achieves real decentralization attributes.

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