Has anyone used the grid cat quantification trading platform? What is the effect?

Or is there any other quantitative trading platform recommended?

1 thought on “Has anyone used the grid cat quantification trading platform? What is the effect?”

  1. "Grid Cat" has a significant advantage in products and services.
    The differentiation of the product:
    1, other products only have simple differences/equal grids, the function is very simple. We have a flexible grid income configuration solution to match multiple grid returns to a single buying gear to achieve big fish and small fish, and do it as a net;
    2, "Grid Cat" can be based on your fiat currency or currency. Demand, flexibly setting up earning money or making USDT;
    3, "Grid Cat" has a complete data statistical analysis function, visualized analysis charts, helping you adjust and optimize quantitative strategies based on historical data; "Grid Cat" has a powerful risk control system. Whether it is "fixed stop loss" or "capital preservation and stop loss", you can laugh at all kinds of markets.
    The differentiation of the service:
    For each user who uses our "grid cat" VIP service, we all have a 1V1 special customer service to help you configure according to your capital volume and risk preferences to configure the configuration It belongs to your own quantitative strategy.
    we also have high -quality active communities. Everyone communicates and shared better quantitative strategies. Under the condition of controllable risks, we will increase everyone's benefits.

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