4 thoughts on “Nanjing University's 2022 budget ranks 18 nationwide. What is the ranking of other schools?”

  1. The budgets of Nanchang University and Yunnan University are ranked first and third respectively. The two universities have very strong strength. It is precisely because they have a relatively high reputation in the society that they can get more than 3 billion Yuan's budget.
    las of our country's investment in universities have become bigger and bigger. Many educational achievements in our country have actually come out of the university. It can be seen that the investment in universities can make our country's scientific and technological strength more powerful. Nanjing University's strength is also very strong, and the ranking in Jiangsu Province has reached the top 5 positions.
    The budget of Nanchang University has reached 4.3 billion yuan, Nanchang University's budget has reached 4.3 billion yuan. This is actually an unexpected result. Nanchang University has a relatively high reputation in China, but Nanchang The ranking of universities in China is not very high. It can increase investment in Nanchang University, indicating that local education is very important to education.
    The investment in our country's investment in universities has been increasing in recent years, that is, our country has become increasingly bigger for university investment. This is for the economic development of our country. In fact, it is a good thing. On the one hand, the university can have more resources, and on the other hand, it can also improve the technical strength of the entire society and help improve economic strength.
    The research platform for our country is actually very important for each country. The reason why the United States can achieve current achievements is because their basic education has done very well. Our country is also here. A large number of investment is made, and the university is a good research platform for our country. The innovation ability of college students is relatively strong, and they can quickly contact some new knowledge.
    The investment in universities has become increasingly bigger. This is actually a good thing for the development of our country's technology. By investing resources, we can create more valuable technologies.

  2. Nanchang University ranks first, Suzhou University ranks second, Yunnan University ranks third, Hainan University ranks fourth, Beijing University of Technology ranks fifth, and Zhengzhou University ranks sixth. Nanchang University ranked first with a total revenue of 4.113 billion yuan, which also shows that the development of Nanchang University in recent years is very good.

  3. The first ranking is Tsinghua University, the second is Zhejiang University, the third is Peking University, followed by Sun Yat -sen University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University, Shandong University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Southeast University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Aviation University , Harbin University of Technology, Tongji University, Wuhan University, Sichuan University, etc.

  4. I think the ranking of other schools is also comparable. The goals are all the way to go together. In the context of the epidemic, the country's reward support policies made by the school. In such a policy background, students' education will get better and better.

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