5 thoughts on “Dacian seeking a SNB i5 2300 2500 25K configuration box for about 4K5 budget”

  1. 4K5 is expected to choose 2300, the drama is estimated to be about 1700. It is almost 500
    intel Core i5 2300 1230

    graphics card GTX460, recommended two models ... The Seven Rainbow Igame460 Flame God X (SPT ultra -amount silver plating) 1400 This graphics card can be said to be the most popular graphics card. The GTX460 Cartoon Black General Edition 1350 has been using Yingchi Black Generals, and it feels that the black generals are very good.
    Mi Pirates DDR3 1333 2GB () X2 380 Since it is not overclocking. 1333 can exact all
    The hard disk WD 1TB 7200 rpm 32MB (serial port WD10EALS) blue disk 385 is said to be bad in the western number 1T black disk. Essence The dust is a bit big, but there is no need to choose the dust -proof series. I can see the
    power supply. Essence Essence GTX460 graphics card, recommended power supply above 500W, Cool Supreme GX550W 570
    According to what you said. Essence Essence Total 5555 ... If anyone may be about 200 cheaper
    This can try cheap chassis power supply. To reduce the expected cost, memory can also be replaced with the high -end of the Vajrayana 2GB DDR3 1333 (thousands of purple thousands of red) 140 pirate ships. Since 1333 is not necessary to choose a pirate ship, the province can be won at almost 4700. Good luck

  2. Answer your question is very discussion. I like it according to your configuration. I have a set of you who I like
    CPU. Use 2300 or 2500 2500. Half of the grade cavity is half lower (2500 128 2300 256) I don’t know the price, so you have to decide on the motherboard to choose the main board P67 recommended GI-P67a-UD3P (1688 yuan). The interfaces you need are all available and have 4 USB3s of USB3 .0 excuses are strong
    It graphics cards I personally choose the 6950 of A card (but it is a lot more expensive than your 460) Recommended Dilan Hengjin HD6950 cool 2G Use the Sotx460 1GD5 Extreme Edition. I have seen the solid -state hard disk used to open Win7 to the desktop 10 seconds
    The power supply is rated at 400W. R n The above is my personally like and opinion
    The fan can add 2 more CPU fans to the chassis to use wind cooling copper pipe about 150

  3. Speaking and price, generally talk about
    2500K is a rare processor that can be overclocking in the new i7. If there is a recommended 2600K, the performance is better.
    It memory, this XMP that does not support P67 is not supported by P67 , Performance is lower. It is recommended to choose to support the memory of the XMP under the P67
    graphics card. Do n’t match it if you do n’t play games. HD5770 is sufficient, unless you have the needs of playing games in the future. In the domestic HD6950, they are all public cards. The quality is the same. Gigabyte is more expensive. Choose a cheap public version. It is best to have the old version, because it can be cracked to HD6970.
    The others are good and more balanced. If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to be equipped with SSD. The bottle version is also good, you can choose the radiator of the same level.
    The cases of cold supreme "pioneers" are highly quality chassis, and the heat dissipation is also good, about 300 yuan.
    This are about 10,000 in China, I do n’t know what you do.
    : P/H67 now has bugs. The performance of the SATA2 interface will be reduced or even invalidated in use. Please note that the removal notice of the motherboard manufacturer.

  4. The configuration of my own computer
    cpu Intel Core i5 2300/box ¥ 1175
    1333 4G 2 ¥ 288
    Hard Disk Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1TB ¥ 365
    graphics Kaosen ENGTX460 Flying Leopard ¥ 1599
    Game set ¥ 199
    Display Dell U2311H ¥ 1399
    The chassis first horse Bing Kirin X10 ¥ 199
    Power supply An Titanke VP450P ¥ 339
    Total 6974 yuan to the display 4500 yuan

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