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  1. What? How much do you even search for financial analysts? Too Low, how can I start the annual salary? Haha, joking, in fact, when most financial analysts choose to go back to see the annual salary, the monthly salary is not impressive, so Teacher Gordon CFA will share with you how much the annual salary of financial analysts is:
    The survey indicates that , Employers are more willing to provide high bonuses to investment professionals with CFA franchise certification, financial institutions in the United States, Canada, Britain, Hong Kong, etc., and have even regarded CFA qualifications as the basic requirements for their employees. Therefore, most of them have become financial The objects that the organization strives to make CFA holders a lot.
    The reference data shows that CFA annual revenue: US $ 190,000; US $ 200,000 in the UK; Singapore $ 113,000; Hong Kong $ 136,000; Canadian $ 108,000, China's existing figures are $ 149,000, with an average worldwide of 17.8.8 Ten thousand U.S. dollars. Among them, China is a region with many CFA candidates. People who are qualified to apply for the CFA certificate will not exceed 5,000.
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    The factors that affect the income of financial analysts:
    1. Work Different time, it often affects the salary of the witness.
    In general, the CFA holder's salary within one year of work is about $ 51,050, that is, 350,000 yuan;
    1-4 years The salary can reach US $ 63,900, that is, 440,000 yuan;
    5-9 year salary is about 93,452 US dollars, which is 640,000 yuan;
    CFA holders with more than 10 years of work experience, salary of $ 119,309 That is, 820,000 yuan.
    of course, if you can do financial work for 20 or 30 years, you don't need to go to work. You can do investment by yourself. .
    amy and Lee's salary gap. In addition to work experience, the nature of work is also a huge factor. The financial industry is relatively wide. From management and supervision, to private lending practitioners, they all play roles in the financial system.
    If you are an investment group manager, the annual salary of 600,000 yuan a year is not much; if you are a financial analyst, the annual salary of 500,000 yuan is also a lot; It is common.
    Different tasks have different compensation systems, because each job is not the same to contribute to the company and society, so it is easy to understand.
    3, the company's scale affects salary. R. n Even if they are all CFA proofers, they have the same working background, then the work of working in JP Morgan Stanley is not the same as working in a domestic brokerage firm, and the salary is not the same. , UBS and other financial giants go. Of course, this is not to say that domestic brokers are not good, but the business scale is different.
    50 financial companies can issue an annual salary of 400,000 yuan for you; r r r r r r r R Companies of about N100 people can give 600,000 annual salary;
    500 companies can give companies with an annual salary of 700,000 yuan
    1,000 people, which can be paid 800,000 yuan in annual salary;
    Morgan Stanley This giant company, the annual salary of 1 million yuan may be the starting price.
    4. The place of work affects salary.
    Pu working in New York and working in a city in China. : From cornfields to the financial capital, the work location is so important.
    What can financial analysts do?
    The positions can be engaged in, such as investment consulting consultants, investment bankers, securities traders, executive presidents, chairman, partners, head leaders, investment director, financial director, accountant, auditor, market, investment, investment, investment Company managers, securities analysts, fixed income analysts, investment portfolios, etc. The situation of everyone is different. Take the CFA practitioners' investment analysts as an example. The road to career development.
    . Analyst (analyst)
    Analyst (analyst) in the investment bank is generally a 2 -year Program prepared for the fresh graduates of major colleges. Essence Since it is called an analyst, the work content is nothing more than some data analysis and industry research. Some need to establish some preliminary models, including, DCF, LBO, etc., and then handed it to Associate further and processing.
    The research is over, and the research results should be presented with PPT, so PPT is often used in this position. Of course, as a primary position, many things will be involved in many cases. It is always the basis of investment bank work and the post of exercise.
    The posts generally adhere to the promotion for 3 years. Most financial people also start to learn CFA in this post. Prospective college students have passed the CFA level before graduation. Time to work at the grassroots level, two years or even a short time can become Associate, which is the next position we are talking about.
    . The associate
    associate is a higher level than Analyst, or it is promoted from Analyst, or a highly financial student or CFA holder. As a small leader of Analyst, Associate still has to do some analytical class work, but it is a bit of technical work and is responsible for more complex modeling. Associate also distributes tasks, assumes the tasks, assumes, and is mainly responsible for communicating with customers according to the company or superior arrangement.
    Although it is a leader, Associate's work is not easy. He needs to work overtime every day and is responsible for the work of the entire group. This position requires a certain financial knowledge background, so the MBA or CFA holder I like very much will be welcomed even if they only pass the CFA secondary exam. Generally, employees will work in this position for 3 to 4 years before they can learn enough ability to rise to a higher position.
    three, VP (vice president or manager)
    If you entered the VP stage smoothly, then congratulations on you have been sublimated. VP refers to all high -level deputy characters. Work should guide Associate and Analyst, and at the same time, there must be some external environments. Many CEOs' unable to come to VP will be handed over to VP.
    VP's work is mainly composed of two large blocks. One is the role of acting. When D or MD receives DEAL, it is responsible. VP is also a core person who contacts customers and contacts people with various support, such as Lawyer, etc.
    is not easy to achieve VP, and it is not easy to get promotion. VPs in the industry generally work for 3 to 15 years before they have the opportunity to promote them. In addition to experience, ability, and luck, various self -improvement is also indispensable. Most of the financial people strive to pass the CFA third -level exam in this post and submit a certificate application. If they are already CFA certifiedists, it is really excellent.
    . Director (general manager, director)
    depending on the scale of investment banks, Director may be or not. Director is responsible for important transactions such as cost negotiations, trading strategies and customer conferences. There is also marketing to attract customers. The nature of MD is similar to it, but the focus is on important customers.
    5. MD (Managing Directors)
    director will be promoted to MD (managing general manager). The MD level has high business income indicators and the responsibility of maintaining important customers, and participates in the company's overall strategy and business direction formulation.
    MD will develop upward to be managers of each branch, or CEO. At this time, it would be not appropriate to have a arrogant certificate like a CFA.
    The above is a typical investment bank title sequence. Some financial institutions will set up some intermediate titles, such as (AVP) that is the assistant VP, Seniorvp (SVP), which is VP. Requirements.
    of course, CFA's help in career development is more than that. From the perspective of career development, a CFA certificate represents your financial theory and rich work experience can help you achieve your goals elegantly and efficiently. Now VC/PE is a very fashionable word. There are also many successful cases in China. There are not a few financial people who want to enter the wind investment or private equity circle. Can't get in.
    In addition to the above -mentioned more popular, the following positions are also a job that financial analysts can choose:
    Fund manager 18%
    The "trader" in the industry, responsible for fund raising, management and operation, listed monitoring Wait. The main goal of CFA holders. The market demand is large and the prospects are broad.
    It to be a fund manager, you need a keen market intuition and investment judgment, and the experience of combat hard work is also important.
    The researcher (analyst) 15%
    This in China generally refers to the industry researcher of the brokerage firms. It is responsible for studying the dynamics of related industries.
    In investment bank analysts 9%
    The professional chain of investment banks, generally starting from analysts, and doing well up to primary managers, deputy presidents, senior managers, etc. There is time to be promoted at each stage.
    The saying such a sentence circulating: The annual salary of investment bankers is higher than the president.
    The industry executives 7%
    The high -end talent market, CFA is also very popular. Industry executives also need to match their identity with a high gold content.
    In risk control managers 6%
    I are responsible for financial risk identification and management, involving risk forecasting, risk decision -making, risk assessment, and risk control. Generally excellent risk control managers are more CFA FRM dual certificate holders.
    5%of corporate financial analysts
    I is responsible for providing financial value -added services to enterprises, such as industry surveys, listing, mergers and acquisitions, etc. At the same time, suggestions for corporate financial tax optimization and asset allocation.
    The consultant 5%
    The personnel who provide professional consulting services for customers. Consultation and investment banks are recognized as two high -income industries. The consulting industry can open up their horizons for young people, and grow rapidly through different industries and different industrial backgrounds, thus growing rapidly in the short term.
    The customer manager 5%
    general refers to the customer manager of the bank. When they recommend or introduce products to customers, they need to have a systematic understanding of the financial market and product system.
    The financial consultant 5%
    The nature is generally financial intermediary agencies. According to the actual situation and requirements of customers, customers provide customers with services such as investment and financing, assets and debt restructuring, capital operation, and strategic development.
    MOM Investment Manager 4%
    This does not directly manage capital investment, but instead entrusts the fund assets to other fund managers to choose and track the investment performance of these fund managers. The mature international financial market is indispensable for the existence of MOM investment managers.
    The trader 4%
    The transaction instructions quickly and accurately, follow -up analysis of transaction varieties, and do a good job of analysis and statistics after the market every day.
    The strategy analyst 3%
    The strategic analysis of the stock market, followed up the macro progress of the market, and formed a strategic analysis report. It is necessary to master a variety of strategic analysis methods.
    In accounting/auditors 3%
    The financial market is also inseparable from financial analysis. Corporate mergers and acquisitions and reorganizations will involve many financial issues, so many professional financial personnel are also needed.
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