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  1. Push is also called service information or push information, which is a special format text message.
    wap is like the Internet. It is a web that is rich in content. How users find their favorite sites and how to find their favorite business in a site often take a long time. And WAP
    PUSH can send a link of a certain location or a certain business through SMS to a mobile phone that supports WAP
    Push, so you only need to read this SMS (service information) and open the link in the text message You can directly access the business. Therefore, WAP
    PUSH realizes the combination of SMS and WAP business, saving your time to find your business, so that you can directly find and use your favorite business. Push information will be kept in the "push into the inbox" of the mobile phone regardless of whether or not it is opened by the user, and the user can open it repeatedly.
    means that the text message with connection can guide you to enter the WAP website. It is sent out through the SP gateway, using software and mobile interfaces.

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