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  1. 1. First open the browser, enter the "fruit powder with lock no lock query" in the input bar, and open the URL.
    2, then enter the model in the input bar.
    3, enter the model to query at this time, click the query.
    4. Waiting for the page to load, at this time, the device will pop up or lock or no lock.
    5, the specific version of the mobile phone can view the 6th and 7th in the model.

  2. First, the most intuitive query and judgment method is that the iPhone locks the card sticker to use, and the lock -free version does not need a card sticker to use it normally.
    , specific query method:

    The first step: serial number query
    open the iPhone's "Setting-GM-About the Model", you can see the model, The sequence number, WiFi address, Bluetooth -related number display, this information represents some important information related to the place of origin. Or connect to the device, turn on iTools, find the homepage of the device, click to view information details, and the equipment information can be displayed. Taking "MC918LL" as an example, the "LL" here represents the "US version".

    Step 2: Version identification method
    . The US iPhone5
    1, ATT no lock 2 network
    (Note: Some United States comes to lock, you need to unlock it yourself, you need to unlock it yourself. In addition, warm reminder: ATT unlocks a dozen yuan, the same is true for iPhone 5, don't be said)
    Model md634ll = 16GB black Att
    model md635ll = 16GB white Att n model md636ll = 32GB black Atttttttttttttt
    Model md637ll = 32GB White ATT
    Model MD644LL = 64GB Black ATT
    Model MD645LL = 64GB White ATT
    Model MD638LL = 16GB Black ATT
    model MD639LL = 16GB white atttt
    2, V version three networks universal
    (Note: V version is the only US version of the US version that exceeds the Hong Kong version, officially claims that it will never be locked)
    MD654LL = 16GB Black Verizon
    model md655ll = 16GB white Verizon
    model md658ll = 32GB black ver verizon n model md659ll = 32GB white verizon n model md664ll = 64GB black vershaz n model md665ll n3, S version machine
    (Note: When the 5th generation was released, the S version could not send text messages after testing; Md656ll = 16GB black sprint
    model md657ll = 16GB white sprint
    model md660LL = 32GB black sprint n model md661ll = 32GB white sprint n model MD667LL = 64GB black spant MD668LL = 64GB White Sprint
    . The Canadian iPhone5
    model MD293C = 16GB black Slate
    model md294c = 16GB white Slate n model md295c = 32GB black Slate
    model md296c = MD296C = 32GB White Slate
    Model MD642C = 64GB Black Slate
    Model MD643C = 64GB White Slate
    3. Australian iPhone5
    model MD297X = 16GB black n model md298x = 16GB white
    model md299x = 32GB black
    model md300x = 32GB White
    model md662x = 64GB black
    model md663x = 64GB white
    4. Shinko iPhone5
    model md297za = 16GB black
    model md298za = 16GB white
    Model md299za = 32GB black
    model md300za = 32GB white
    model md662za = 64GB black
    model md663za = 64GB white
    iphone5 n model md297b = 16GB black black
    model md298b = 16GB white
    model md299b = 32GB black
    model md300b = 32GB white
    model md662b = 64GB black n model md663b = 64GB white
    , Hong Kong Bank iPhone5
    Model md297zp = 16GB black
    model md298zp = 16GB white
    model md299zp = 32GB black
    model md300ZP = 32GB white n model md662zp = 64GB black R n model md663zp = 64GB white
    seven, Germany
    model md297dn = 16GB black
    model md298dn = 16GB white
    model md299dn = 32GB black n model md300dn = 32GBBBB White
    model md662dn = 64GB black
    model md663dn = 64GB white
    eight, Japan
    (Note: Japanese version of the machine, there is a lock after testing. It is said that card stickers are available)
    MD297J = 16GB black
    model md298J = 16GB white
    model md299j = 32GB black
    MD300J = 32GB white n model md662j = 64GB = 64GB Black
    model md663J = 64GB white
    nine, Korean version
    model md297kh = 16GB black
    model md298kh = 16GB white
    model md299kh = 32GB black n model md300kh = 32GB White
    Model md662kh = 64GB black
    model md663kh = 64GB white
    , Unicom contract machine n model md297ch = 16GB black n model MD298CH = 16GB white
    model md299CH = 32GB black
    model md300ch = 32GB white
    model md662ch = 64GB black
    model md663ch = 64GB white n eleven, telecommunications contract n model ME039CH = 16GB Black
    Model ME040CH = 16GB White
    Model ME041CH = 32GB Black
    Model ME042CH = 32GB White

    Third: Demonomic Card Picker (fake without no fake Lock) method:
    1. The number of mobile phone SMS will display 86, and the built -in card sticker has this feature.
    2.iphone5 and 4S can be set up-> GM-> Regarding the operator, if the operator's name is English or garbled, such as Vodafone IE 14.0, it may be a built-in card paste, but it is not absolutely not absolutely not absolutely (This method is controversial, mainly for reference)
    It, iPhone4 can be seen by looking at the baseband certificate, which is normal is 257, and the monster opportunity shows 0 (this method is only for iPhone4)
    3. The built -in card sticker must drive data to roam 3G to access the Internet, and the unlocked machine can only be used to open the cell data to access the Internet. First turn off the wifi, as shown in the network settings in the figure below. If the Internet can access the Internet, there is no lock machine. The built -in card sticker cannot access the Internet under this network settings.
    4. Inquiring the IMEI number through the following two foreign websites, you can also query whether there is a lock. (The website's authority is unknown, mainly for reference)
    In IMEI method:
    ① Settings-> GM-> IMEI
    ② the back of the mobile phone or the IMEI number
    ③ sim The card slot has a print IMEI number
    ④ in the dial -up interface, enter [*# 06#] and then press the dial -up key to view the IMEI number
    ⑤ through the PC 91 assistant, you can view the IMEI number
    Note : In the same device, the IMEI number must be the same through the above methods.

  3. Let's explain what is lock and what is no lock. There is a lock refers to some contract machines launched by operators. This similarity mobile phone can only insert the SIM card provided by the operator to use it. It will be inserted into other operators. Using card stickers, or official solution, or softened after jailbreak, and the biggest trouble of this mobile phone is that when the upgrade is upgraded, it is necessary to upgrade when the mobile phone is upgraded, otherwise it may cause the mobile phone to be locked and cannot be used.
    This no lock corresponds to the name, or bought at the Apple store, or bought it at the distributor, or the contract machine that has completed the contract, has been unlocked by the operator. The contract machine can be used on any SIM insertion. You can also upgrade at will when you upgrade. You do n’t have to worry about it may not be used after the upgrade. At present, the Bank of China and the Hong Kong Bank are basically no locks. Domestic contract machines lock users by binding the call fees given by SIM. Instead, mobile phones can be used without locks.
    . Many contract machines in the United States are very low in price. Some bad businesses unlock the United States contract machine and then sell them to China, especially in places such as Taobao. How can the lock machine be identified and there is no lock?
    SIM card replacement
    The easiest way to identify the lock -free method is also the most direct method. Insert another SIM card. The lock or unlocked. This method is best to use the mobile phone of other operators, but as long as the mobile phone of the domestic operator's card can be recognized, it basically indicates that there is no problem with the current baseband n iTunes recovery method r r
    For the official solution machine, confirm whether the unlocking is successful:
    1. Restore the mobile phone to the factory settings
    2. Connect the computer to restore backup
    3. After the backup is restored, if prompted " Congratulations, the iPhone has been unlocked "indicating that it is already unlocking.
    4. After the collection of work
    model recognition method
    The comparison with the model of your mobile phone with a lock iPhone model. There are too many lock models. It is too much trouble to find. There is an example of how to judge whether the iPhone 4s has a lock for reference.
    Website query method
    It foreign websites to query the lock status of the iPhone. It is recommended to use it. IMEI of your own device, record the IMEI
    2. Open/, enter the IMEI
    3. Waiting for about a minute, it will show the relevant information of the machine.
    4. After finishing the work

  4. First of all, you need to know what version you are. As if the following versions are locked, you can also enter your version number here. You can check/xinghao/US MC608LL/A -16GB Black MC610LLL/A -32GB Black MC318LL/ A -16GB Black MC319LL/A -32GB Black Canada.

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