What is the game currency in the qq landlord?

My QQ number has a lot of gaming coins in the landlord. But game currency cannot buy items and other things. What can the game currency do?

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  1. What is the use of game currency now?
    Hello! Gaming coins are virtual game data used in QQ games. They are limited to the game props in the game, or in some special game fields as points units to increase the fun of the game, which is a manifestation of player level.
    It, you can also use the game coin to participate in the ongoing shaking music 6 event
    , lucky 520 activity
    game-web.qqqqq /act/lucky0803/
    , romantic rose garden
    minigame.qq/act/rose0805/, wonderful hand flip
    minigame.qq/act // hLYLG0806/Index.shtml, etc., many premium prizes are waiting for you!

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