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  1. If you have the ability, you can practice 9 trumpets a day, level 1-10 and guide, more than 10 or more worship yourself as a teacher, double time with a double large size with a guard with 3 small ones, you can rise to 3 days to rise to 3 days to rise to rising to the way At level 60, after level 60, the demon is killing and playing with money. When you can kill Bai to help the poor, you can fund the poor to receive experience and buy a method. Then two large trips to 3 trumpets, the trumpet is automatically pulling blue. By level 80, saving money and speed. It can rise to 80 in a week. The son -in -law sells it. Practice 5 BBs with a higher attack on the level 95 and give the darts. At least 5000W

    [Remind everyone ] Don't forget to ask for a registered account -Guang -people fill in: Squvip can write down and use it in the future! Free 7 double experience and 1 blood exquisite. Help you quickly upgrade!.

    The level 10 to Tiansheng City coordinates: 480, 118 (Antarctic Xianweng NPC) to receive

    lively. Because of the game, most people are for playing. Just opened the area, there are many people, good teams, so fun. If you want to upgrade quickly, it is recommended that you do this:

    1. The guidance can be at 18, and the experience given to only 18 can only reach 18. Essence There are two options next. For a while, you can do the teacher, and the one is completed in a round of 20. There is another one that only connects the double team to kill monsters to upgrade. Most people are killing monsters.

    2. When guidance, be sure to choose a snake.

    During the guidance task, there is a selection

    a pet, everyone must choose a snake. Because now the revision, the attack of the pet is much higher than that of a person, so whether you are playing or playing, you must bring all snakes. The advantage of this is that the upgrade is effective, and it can be cleared in a round without opening the full card. The law team has to bring snakes. In short, now is the world of strength pets. As long as it is upgraded, regardless of whether it is forces or the French team, the upgrade efficiency is not ordinary. After blood pets, just practice a cloud, the new district is first.

    3. The team must group the efficiency team

    preferred to be the captain of themselves. The characters are not stuck, as long as they are stuck, they will be replaced. Because it will be available once. People must be in front of the computer. There is no problem with automatic opening, but you can't leave. As long as you go, don't come back. Such a team must be full of strength and a weird one. The law must be at least Salmon, it is best to be all spiritual. You can see it according to the damage he played.

    It the previous few points, it is the efficiency team. You can ask when you fight, can you be fixed to a few points. There is no need to find a team anymore.

    3. Automatic setting techniques improve efficiency.

    This can be used to play automatically, but this automatic monster settings are also skillful, and many people will not set up. This automatic is not you pressed automatically. Then you will hit a monster with others or weirds, so that you will waste a attack. The correct setting is like this: hitting the monsters in front of yourself, two rows of monsters, now you must use pets to hit the second row in front of you, people play the first row, then everyone can click automatically In the future, the system will be automatically played according to this settings. This advantage is that there is no combination of combat, and the other is that the monster in the back can be killed. Because the power is more than the people, the monster in front can be killed, because it does not open the full card At that time, the monsters in front are rarely full, so there are two people who beat one and can be killed.

    4. RMB players upgrade

    For entertainment, they are willing to spend a lot of money, then the upgrade is the best, what kind of team is better. I will say here, a team of 5 RMB players, buy a sword in the opening area, add some Spirit, and want to rush the level without tiredness. After the level 10, the whole road is three times and the baby is upgraded. Fast, the sword can reach level 40 in seconds, so that the sword is clear in the first round, there are several leaders, and people can easily die in seconds.

    The upgrade of the eight arms and reindeer after the 60s

    RMB players can reach level 60 that night. It can reach 60 and slower. After 4 o'clock on Sunday, it can be 60. After the 60s, if you want to upgrade quickly, you can brush the eight arms, but spend more money in this way. Of course, you can bring it yourself, so the captain does not spend money. But 8Z is really fast. In fact, there are luck here. If you can explode, it will be fast, not explosive, not much faster than killing strange outside. In fact, there is a way to upgrade quickly, and now many people have forgotten. That is, there is a reindeer in the daily 2 -hour activity. I feel that level 70 has been faster than 8 times before. In the past, everyone did not do it because there were more blood, blood would add blood, and people did not add much. But now it ’s different. The strength of the pets is full of strength. It does n’t take 2 minutes to do it for 2 minutes. From level 60 to level 70, it is 6 hours. Ascend 70. Preparation, the monk level is 10 levels higher than people. When you are at level 60, the monk is best to 70, to play a full set of 70 stones, the most important thing is to bring at least 6 eight hangers, set the point, and prepare 60 times.

    6. Brush the road

    For brushing the road, don't swipe it, first rush to level 70, and then brush the road. It can be brushed until 300 years. In this way, you can kill the ancients and the stars of the ground. There are many ways to give Taoism. To do this, it is best to have a regular online fixed team. The team is not fixed. time. There is also a brush, and no one has done it now. In fact, it can be done, that is, the daily 2 -hour activity. The fairy pets flee. This way of this way is related to your level. I said 700 years at level 84, killing me for 110 days at a time, three times the 330 days. can do. All woods are more troublesome. Civil defense or blood to the monk, and then automatically. Don't be afraid to kill, and to death, most of them can't die. The main light and bleeding are bleeding, annoying.

    7 Daily activities must do

    The daily activities are still done. The teacher's door is 3 times, and the teacher is now very experienced, and the members have given money. Bai helped, it was very cool once. Tongtian, you must do it, and you have to do it. The premise is that you have to have a record and feel that the record is more. 8 immortals are more to do, strong spoils are good, and there are a lot of ways. If you do n’t do it if you do n’t do it, you can listen to the command of others. Do this person who is most afraid of not being beaten. There is also a fairy god capture, which must be done every day. Twice a day, choose the three lines in front, choose Wulong Mountain, near. It's late, and it will be finished. There is a limited number of this line. You can change the line. This three times effective. The most important thing to do this is the potential. You have three times it, and it is more than 1 million at a time. The experience is also considerable. When you have time, you can do it at that time. It is very cool. Experience potential is great.

    The 8 -day star and ground star

    levels to more than 70, especially after 500 years, everyone now has a stars upgrade.

    This mentioned above is my experience. As long as you do this as I said, you can easily reach level 80 in 7 days, do more than 500 years. Star days. Especially the Di Xing, this is everyone's snatching, mainly experience, and the way, mainly because of the Tao. On the contrary, no one did it.

    The asked for strengthening baby strategy

    This who abandon wild types, the other 4 types can go through three stages of pointing, ascending, and feathering. Among them, pointing and Yuhua are the support of RMB, and Feisheng only requires the baby level to over -level task after level 125.

    The growth values ​​of pets will increase after each stage of 3 stages. The so -called strengthening is aimed at ordinary babies and weird, and can only strengthen physical attacks and spell attacks. Each of each pet (baby) has a growth value of 10.

    In a simple turtle as an example. The growth value of the baby type of turtles is between 40-50, and the additional formula for strengthening the additional method is (x 10)*0.08, and x is the is the Your basic value, if the turtle with 50 French Gong 50 is strengthened, then the federal merit will become 54, and 1 strong 1 time. Because the innate conditions of attacking the baby are not good, you can only rely on relying on To enhance the mutation and the beast, add 40 points to 10 strong growth values, so now you will find that some babies' physical attack growth value surpasses the beast (before the feathers) are strengthened.

    It hope to help those newcomers and players, don't feel complicated when you see the strengthening.

    3 In fact, after several reinforcements, you don't need to look at the picture

    The snow girl with a strong five:

    , The main pet is the three -day skilled snow girl who attacked 60.

    The first step: the main pet 60 = (deputy pet 60) (deputy pet 60) After the reinforcement 65

    Step 2: Main Pet 65 = (Deputy Pets Pet 65) (Deputy Pet 65) After the reinforcement, the winner pet 70

    The third step: the main pet 70 = (deputy pet 70) (deputy pet 70)
    Step 4: Lord Pet 75 = (Deputy Pet 75) (Deputy Pet 75) After the reinforcement, the winner pet 80

    That is to say, 6 69 babies are used.

    Step 4: Lord Pet 80 = (Deputy Pet 80) (Deputy Pet 80) Reinforcement 85

    Step 5, Lord Pet strengthened the post -law attack It is 85. At this time, the pet growing Dan should be used, and the base of the pet grows 60 to more than 65. There is no need to wash it to 70, because of the point ofization, after evolution to a mob Later the same. 134.


    1, white transformer blue

    white equipment black water = blue equipment (100%successful, more of the crystal is crystal Belt attributes, weapons will be randomly, powerful and sensitive, and body spirituality requirements) 2. Blue transformed pink and blue equipment pink crystal 3 golden materials = pink equipment (more than 60 talents can be pink. One more attribute, random attribute, will be randomly changed to wear) 3. Pink gold pink equipment 2 yellow crystals = gold equipment (there is a chance failure, successful color becomes gold, no attributes are not increased) 4. 1 green crystal 5 golden materials = green equipment (record failure, successful color turns green, and one more attribute and an undeveloped suit attribute. It will bring one of 5 lines of attributes, what to bring with you with you How much is placed in a certain gold material) 5. Transfer attribute equipment Tianchang Shi attribute black crystal (if successful, you can turn the equipment of the equipment to the attribute of black water, how do you have a chance)? If you do n’t understand, then look down: 1. Attribute extraction: 2. Blue fitting: 3. Powder synthesis 4. Gold synthesis 5, green fitting 6, Tian replacement attribute

    2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 , Blue Fit Synthesis

    The fitting equipment is simpler. Just use a few crystals of the same level to go to the NPC combination. You can pay attention to the following points: 1 The same location is the same, that is, the black water of the clothes, it can only be used on the clothes, and the level of black water must not be used in other parts. 3, the equipment will not fail. 4. The equipment will have attribute requirements. The requirements are random, Limin body spirit ...

    powder equipment
    r The materials required for n powder are equipment, powder crystal, and refining materials. The level of refining materials = equipment level 0, level 70 uses 70 materials. There are also a few points to pay attention to the powder equipment: 1. Fan equipment will fail, the items of the noodles will not disappear, all the materials disappear 2. The attributes of the powder out of the powder are random, not necessarily good attributes, of course, some people also make out the powder out of the fans. Skills 10 and Full Phase 5 ..., luck! It has nothing to do with what refining materials you use. 3. The advantage of the powder equipment is ..., one more attribute than blue! As for more, see Article 3 explanation 4. In addition to the addition of one attribute after the success of the powder, the requirements of the equipment will be changed once. Therefore, when you use black water to fit the equipment, the attributes do not meet your own requirements. Don't worry first, go to the fan first, and then talk about it. The correct order of the fitting equipment is the place where the pump-fans-powder-change belonging to the powder equipment is in the unknown town (East China Che Fu Fu) weapon store

    5. Golden equipment

    Use 1 piece of powder and 2 yellow crystals, and a certain amount of money. 1. After the conversion fails, the yellow crystal disappears, the powder is unchanged and returns to the player package (bag). Give a prompt at the chat box: "Really regret, the conversion failed!" 2. After the conversion is successful, the yellow crystal disappears, the powder equipment becomes gold -out and returns to the player package (bag). Give a prompt in the chat box: "Congratulations, the conversion is successful!" 3. After the powder equipment becomes gold, * the color of the equipment name becomes golden, the color of the original pink attribute is unchanged, and the name of the producer becomes this conversion. The name of the person. Other unchanged. * The converted gold equipment is processed according to the normal gold equipment during all operations such as stores, renovation, locking, and recognition. NPC Jing Er will convert pink equipment into gold equipment

    6. Greening equipment

    . Detailed system explanation in the game, players can pass NPC "sword sword fairy" will be will be "controlling sword fairy". Gold equipment is refined into green equipment, and the same level of green equipment with the same suffix belongs to the same set. When wearing all the components of a set, the player's image will have a big change, and the hidden attributes of the set will be activated. The specific features are as follows: 1. Add name: Add a suffix after the name of the gold equipment. There is a space between the suffix and the original name, and the name color is green. 2. Added producer: "Produced by XXX", there is a space between the producer and the produce. 3. Added special attributes: In the original attribute, the pink is displayed. 4. Added suit attributes: displayed below the additional attribute. When wearing a set, it is displayed in green; otherwise, gray is displayed. 5. Original equipment description, level requirements, role requirements, durability, and additional attributes are unchanged. 2. The set attributes are composed of 4 green equipment (weapons, hats, clothes, shoes) with the same suffix. Each green equipment will have an undeveloped suit attribute. When wearing a set of sets, the set attributes on all components will be activated.

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