5 thoughts on “How to add virtual stocks in QQ space?”

  1. The application of QQ space has simulated stocks.
    It enter the QQ space -application center -search for "simulated stocks" to add.
    It simulation stock system is a system that uses Internet technology and designed simulation operations designed according to the real stock market trading rules. Stock investors can exercise or learn the trading technology by simulating the stock market system.

  2. Add the steps as follows:
    1, log in to QQ space, click the " " icon;
    2, click to add applications;
    3, select the application you want to add to complete the addition;
    Note: Log in to the qq space of the webpage-personal center-application center. This is the game application provided by QQ space. You need to download and install or directly enter the game webpage instead of adding QQ space itself.

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