5 thoughts on “Do you make money on online selling virtual products?”

  1. Anyway, it is very difficult for novices to have no master with a master, so I said that novices have a simple transaction process and how to identify scammers buyers. I do n’t know. I suggest that you open an online store or do virtual. The virtual ones are easier to get started. The quality of quality is easy to complete for a few minutes. There is a logistics problem with the real object. This is an uncontrollable factor and often occurs in some disputes. So I don't recommend you to choose the real thing. Of course, you need to choose a good seller for virtual. A good seller will not go up to tell you how profitable and how much money this is. It will only answer your doubts patiently. Tell your experience without reservation, allowing you to take a lot of detours, because the virtual one is generally the seller is directly responsible for the after -sales of the buyer.

  2. To tell you the truth, don't make much money, if you want to make money, it is to sell software or sell the physical objects. Full -time teaching novices to open a store. If you don’t know, you can find me. Thank you

  3. Hello, hello, every industry has good and bad ones, and there are people who make money and do not make money. I just do virtual. I will explain to you that this business is not profitable!
    In normal circumstances, everyone answered that you can earn, can it be made, can you really make it? When you buy a software home, make money, then you buy it is not a software, haha.
    In money to make money, it is impossible to make it, but it is not a loss. You can only say that you do n’t make a profit. The software is 300 yuan. In a lifetime, I will use it myself, and I usually save the money back. I also learned about Taobao transactions, e -commerce, web design. These are real technology
    . So ah, earning is a question. Others say that success is left for those who are prepared. I think success is left to those who pay for it. Doing this business is basically no amateur playing time. People pay time and energy. Three days of fishing for two days, playing games, and receiving vegetables. Can such people make money?
    Hehe, you can make it without talking about virtual, because earning is absolute, otherwise who sells? It ’s just that making money varies from person to person. Those who make money are always willing to pay. There is no shortage of talents on Taobao without lack of talents. As long as you are willing to learn and work hard to practice, I dare to say absolutely making money!
    I is full -time virtual now, and I feel pretty good. Friends who want to be virtual deduct me. I sincerely hope that I can become a friend. Baidu name is my Q Wangwang [] Looking forward to your consultation! Intersection Intersection

  4. Hello
    I am a 4 -diamond shop in Taobao. I am about 1800-2600 a month. Ha ha. Essence Essence I won't contact me. I'll help you. I have my own agent group.

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