5 thoughts on “Do you make virtual money to open an online store?”

  1. 1. The current situation of doing virtuality
    This questions asked about whether the answer is still, I can only say that the current situation of a virtual shop is said. In fact, since last year, the words of personalization and differentiation have become more and more valued, then if you consider making virtuals, what you have to consider is whether you can make personalization and differentiation. What I see on the market is basically the same as that, it is different from what is real. You can shape things, you can use pictures to describe in text, but whether it is virtual, charged, and valuable, where is its personalization? So I think the future is not clear.

    2. What are the current suitable for new friends to contact
    If you have a foundation for this piece, if you really want to open a small shop that belongs to your own, I still recommend doing it. The real thing, seriously creating a thing that hangs your own name, can stand out among many people. Of course, some operational skills after starting are essential. For example, how do you write your copy? How to modify the picture? How to do the title and so on. So, no matter what, since it is a trend, since you want to try it, then learning is essential. You can go to a group you learned at the time to learn, just look at some so -called text, to be honest , I think it's useless. The first half: Four Three -Five. The middle part: 427. The last part: 438. Of course, some friends may say, I find a book for myself, can I learn it myself? Of course, but according to my previous experience, some technologies of the Internet, with reading books alone, it is difficult to keep up with the pace. To put it bluntly, you walk away and fall behind. What do you think?

    3, don't learn blindly, see
    No matter what you do, we must do it in our hearts and not blindly. Just like where you said, according to my experience, you must not see some messy information. These things are not only unable to help you learn to transport the knowledge of the camp, but also mislead your vision. If you want to do a small shop, the knowledge you need must be pace with the times, not the rigid data, or even outdated methods. Then I will talk about how to learn.

    4. Acknowledge your foundation
    The next is to recognize your foundation. Of course, I believe most friends still stay in a state of almost completely unknown. If you want to learn well, you need to have the Internet thinking. To put it simply, you ca n’t stay in the present. Others teach you a way. You can quickly realize other ways derived from this method.

    5, don't believe that any pie dropped in the sky
    I knows that many new friends now will be more interested in some automated software. These things are very amazing, what can be done in just one click. In fact, there is no self -automated transportation and camp software at all. If you want to do well, you depend on yourself. At best, you can see the data and make some basic optimization judgments based on the data. If you are too lazy to move, you can rely on a machine. It is not too reliable to think about it. What do you think?

    6, is the last bus or now?
    The people said that they are already the last bus, and some people say that it is difficult to do now. Both of these remarks have deeply delayed a lot of footsteps that want to make shops. He hesitated one month, every month, year after year. Responsible, now it cannot be said that it has just begun. It can only be said that in the field of e -commerce, some technologies and methods will have innovation every time. Therefore, there is no last bus at all. If you work hard, you can make your pockets up.

    7. Why do we always do not do well
    The reason there is a lot of reason for doing it well. The most important point is not to work hard, nor does it not be understood, but that we do n’t learn to do things at all. Essence Let's take a look at it here. In addition, many friends are not very good, so the situation is to see the articles that you are interested in to see, and then learn to operate a little bit. In fact, if you want to do a small shop, you need a set of steps in order. You can't say where you see where you see it.

    8, thinking
    Why do I say thinking, just like the above, you have a set of thinking, you are not afraid of no way, you have the ability to give up. We need to learn the basic knowledge, but we can't learn it all the time. We have to innovate something ourselves. The innovative things will not be easily imitated by others, but what you learn, you have learned, others can learn. If there are more people who learn, the method naturally does not use it. Speaking of which, don't understand it slowly.

    9. Saying some actual
    said so much, just talk about it. If we become masters in the eyes of others in a short time. The first step is to learn how to find you, that is, the introduction and flow above. So when you learn things, you are not in this regard. Don't look at it. Even if the content attracts you, you want to learn how you want to learn, because it will affect your rhythm. That's right, there is a rhythm to learn from Dongxi. Learn this aspect completely, and then do the second step, how to let people come to buy. To put it plainly, this aspect is a transition and transformation. Still the same, learn completely, and then take the third step. Here I do n’t say one by one, after all, there are too many.

    10. About self -confidence
    The lack of self -confidence than anyone else when I first started, afraid of this fear of that, fear of being comparable to others. Slowly, I found that in fact, everyone is the same. No one is so powerful, everyone can surpass. So I started to learn from the west, learn what they couldn't, or learned what they didn't do again. Starting from this breakthrough, slowly caught up with the pace of the so -called high -man.

    11, if you work hard, there may not be results
    Actually, you will have results. This principle is not suitable in our field. I have seen a lot of friends who have worked hard for most of them for most of them. I can only say that it is normal. This is the rules. When it is established, there must be some incomplete gaps. Some people have drilled over. But historical experience also tells us that if you want one to do one and be your career, then it is better not to touch these detours. Can't blindly work hard, and look up to see if you work hard in the best direction, don't run off. It is more abstract, but reading a few times will help friends.

    12, do not discard things at any time
    What is this thing? It is neither your technology nor your popularity, it is actually your product. No matter if you develop in the future, the quality of your products will always be a very, very important factor. Of course, you may not feel the short time, you can also make up for some bad places by relying on some of your little cleverness. But one day there will always be a smarter than you discover this point, and then defeat you.

    13. Why can't you learn.
    The people have thought about such a question in my heart. Why can't I learn everything? Or I thought before I didn't learn, can I do it, it feels so difficult, it sounds difficult. In fact, we have not seriously summarized such a law. When we were young, children who learned good when they were young often were particularly confident in everything. You must have encountered a child to do something wrong, and then stood in front of you and said, "I have to do this, why can't I do this. Then the result was that you were fierce. Congratulations to you and let a child lose confidence. just kidding. Therefore, when we grow up, many things need to be confident. With confidence, you can learn a lot? I know that this theory is ridiculous, but think about it, do you admit that you are stupid? I am also learning something. The teacher told you less? Or are you too busy to learn? It's not right, so I won't say the conclusion. Since we talk about time, we will talk about time.

    14. Don't refuse to learn
    The honesty as an excuse. Have you ever said this sentence? I believe many people have said. When you let you learn something, this is this sentence first. So good, I ask you, what are you learning? Yes, the pocket is a little bit. So what are you busy? It is also right. Then the question is, you are a person who can't see the result and is unwilling to pay. The first thing you worry about is whether you can learn well, and the second is what will happen even if you learn well? If you have such a mentality, then I must have learned everything. When we were young, we could actually see the results. The result is that I saw other children's exams, and then happily went to the senior grade. So, you are thinking, I have learned it, I can test it, and I can go to the senior grade, so I do n’t need to say the next thing. This is why we have learned something such a difficulty when we grow up. Because it is difficult to see the results, sometimes it is difficult to believe even if we can see it.

    15. Let me tell you a time of time
    This is discovered by a scientist, and the specific name is forgotten. The general meaning is that when you continue to learn in a kind of knowledge, you can always become a expert after learning for three years. I have not verified it, because it sounds for three years for three years, but it is difficult to do it. But I believe this is true. This is a bit similar to the ancient people said. I said that the truth is that when you choose, you have to have an attitude when you have paid your pockets or haven't paid it yet. Just not perfunctory, let alone fish for three days and two days. Learning this thing little by little, either serious or simply not to do it. Learn to forget a little bit, when is it a head? If you say you are busy, then please review what I said above.

    16. Regarding the future
    I know what you care about, and you still care about this knowledge. That's right, many things we have learned after growing up have a life span. Everyone doesn't want me to learn here, there is no place for martial arts over there. How to judge? Very simple, look at the people around. When there are many people trying, but there are a lot of doing well, then you can learn not to learn, there is no cake of your cake. But similar, many people are doing it, and they are not doing well, so you can learn, because there are still many people who do not eat cakes. To be precise, they do n’t know how to eat. In the third case, it is a large cake. No one has grabbed it yet, that is, no one has done it yet. I know you are more interested in this, but can your ability be found? Are you willing to spend a lot of time looking for this? The result is uncertain, I believe you can't.

    17, do yourself
    Why do you say that, I admit that some people are not suitable for learning a certain knowledge, not because of stupidity, but because they do n’t have such a look forward to seeing forward. Eye. They may quickly learn a method, but once this method changes, it is not played like this, even if there is only a little bit, they can't rely on themselves to think of better ways. But some people can. Although they may be slower to learn, once they learn, as long as they are not a big change, they can find new methods. Similarly, there are third people who learn fast, and there are many methods when they change. This is a small genius. We are not ignorant of this kind of person. Who is good, we do n’t discuss it, it ’s not suitable.

    18, the last one
    The people who can see here are not mortals. But seeing here, you may say, really, just say so much. Some people will say that it is so good. I do n’t have anything else, saying a hard work, I can afford me so much. No word came out of the head of others, all came out of my own head. I am also an ordinary person, but I just have a persistence. Of course, there are time to be lazy. In any case, you can see more and less helping you, or let us encourage us together. At least not like others, direct online copying on a large paragraph, various copies of the topic, this topic will not be expanded. Come on.

  2. Now opening an online store to do virtuals, it is worth recharging or game card. If these are these, it is really difficult to get it. You must have a very good online store promotion experience. If you have no experience, you have to go first. Learn it. If you want to start a business, you can go to other industries. Template wall painting is now very popular. It is a new project with wall decoration. It is painted with diatom mud and template. Many families like such wall painting decorations, the market is very large, show you a real picture, you plan to do it yourself.

  3. There are two options for opening stores online, one is to sell physical objects, and the other is to sell virtual items (selling points, recharge QQ value -added business, etc.). Friends with sufficient funds and time can choose the physical as the source. The most important thing for physical stores is to have good supply, and if you sell physical things, you must ensure that you cannot be disconnected in the middle. Otherwise, the buyer is not satisfied with you. Selling the real object and running the post office, taking photos for the goods, and then uploading photos to the Internet, and then passing to the shop. In this way, it takes a lot of time and energy, but the effect may not be good.

    The second is selling virtual items. This is what I want to suggest that virtual items refer to mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications recharge, Q coins Q coins, game cards, etc. Because what he needs is a computer and a software, it does not need to be purchased, so it is called virtual objects. Essence The investment is small. The risk is small. The threshold is low.
    The troubles of no supply .. No risk of the goods
    If in detail
    Hello: As long as you buy a virtual opening of the online store, you only need to buy an automatic recharge software: don't worry about the source of the source. You only need to spend 300 yuan to buy a software. You can have a second -level commission. You can earn back the cost as long as you sell two software. Wait for the money to be carried out. The novice open an online store can start a business and open a store. I also open an online store. If you don’t understand, you can add it. I, why choose virtual items? The cost of virtual items is small, and the investment risk is reduced accordingly. The important point is that selling virtual items is the best choice to quickly improve your reputation and popularity of your store. For online shops, credibility is very important, which is different from physical stores. Good reputation will be better.

  4. Opening an online store to do virtual, not earning money, doing virtuality is mainly to improve credibility! When you have reputation, you can do real things! I have virtual and real things here! Want to open an online store and add me, professional guidance for novices to open online stores!

  5. I do n’t make money or even lose money. I am currently selling credit to earn credit. These people are promoting the software here, obtaining profitability, do not understand the question, and hope to adopt it.

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