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  1. This is a question that a novice of retail investors is often asked. The standard answer is pyramid -shaped replacement, that is, 20 hands, the stock price fell by 20%, replenished 40 hands, and fell to 40%. Essence Essence
    , the deeper the deeper, the more you make up, so that you can effectively reduce the cost of holding the shareholding. Once the stock generates a decent rebound, you can turn losses into profits.

    haha, it is estimated that the landlord cannot be satisfied with such a reply. Because the landlord does not have enough funds, yes, because it is the concept of an institution, the institutional funds are huge, and the stocks are difficult to enter and exit stocks. Therefore, once they are set, they have to wait for the time to make up the position. Enough money to set up low costs, retail investors are different, and the money is poor, so it is poor that the money that can often be used to make up is poor.

    Fortunately, retail investors have an advantage, that is, all positions can be cleared within a few seconds, and will not have an impact on the stock price. Or when the empty warehouse is waiting for the stock price to rebound, it will get involved in the losses. If you use the wrong way to make a replenishment method that the institution can do, hehe, because there is no enough money, the vision is not good. The stock price increased at a low level, and he could only take the elevator, 'lingering between losses and more losses'.

    of course, there is another advantage in retail investors, that is, money is all, without financing costs, so you can take the 'turtle strategy', hold back, until the set of sets, although I lost the other speculation other other stir -fry other other The opportunity of stock profit, but if you buy good stocks, then the long -term profitability is still not a problem. For institutions, although it can achieve book profit, due to the high financing costs, the essence of the essence may still lose possible. Big, so they would rather make up their positions or even raise their self -rescue without being as a shareholder as retail investors.

    All high -level low -level claims sound reasonable. The high and low position of the stock price can only be judged after a long time. At this time, everything may be too late, so the so -called high low position Basically, the language of the gods and fortune tellers has no practical significance.
    It specific to the position, either do not make up, or make up for the decline. Knowing the low position, you have to copy the bank if you grab the bank. What else do you make up? Isn't it enough to build a warehouse? Ha ha.

  2. Most investors have lost money, and have also had the behavior of replenishing positions in order to reduce losses, but is the time to make up the position? chat. Before starting, you may wish to get a wave of benefits-the selected bull stock list of the institution is released. Do n’t miss it if you pass by: [Telling the Secret] The list of cattle stocks recommended by the institution is leaked, and the speed-speed terminal! Intersection Intersection
    . The replacement and additional position
    This is because the current stock price is cheaper than the price at the time of purchase. In order to reduce the cost of this stock, the act of buying stocks. The stock is clamored, and the positioning can reduce the cost, but if the stock price continues to fall, the loss will become larger and larger. The positioning is a passive strain strategy after being stuck. This strategy itself does not belong to a great way of solving, but it is the most appropriate method in specific cases.
    It should be different from the addition of positions, and the addition of positions represent continuous optimism about a stock. When the stock rises continuously, the difference between the two is the difference between the two. The difference between the two is on the environment. The buying operation is performed when the decline is down, and the buying operation is added when the rise.

    . The cost of supplementation
    This is the cost calculation method after the stock supplementation of the stock (1 time by replacement):
    *Buying price the second purchase quantity*buying price transaction fee)/(the number of first buy the second purchase quantity)
    Price*Number of stocks purchased in the early stage the average price per share*the number of shares of the stock)/(the number of previous stocks the number of stocks replenish stocks)
    , the above two methods must be manually calculated. There will be a supplementary cost calculator in the software and trading systems. After opening, you can see it without using us. Don't know if the stock in your hand is good? Click on the bottom link to test directly: [Free] Test your current valuation location?
    . The timing of the positioning
    The warehouse can not make up for it at any time. You must also seize the opportunity and try to succeed as much as possible. It is worth our vigilance that the disadvantaged stocks that have fallen all the way to the opponent cannot make up for the position. The definition of disadvantaged stocks on the market refers to a small transaction volume and a low turnover rate. The price of this kind of stock is easy to fall all the way, and it may lose money if you make up your position. If it is designated as a vulnerable stock, it should be considered repeatedly. The purpose of replenishment is to liberate funds. In fact, it is not to further settle the funds. Then, there is a great risk on the so -called low positions after the stock market will be stronger after the positioning of the stock market cannot be confirmed. It can only be in that when confirming that the shareholding in the hand is a strong share, the courage to keep the position for strong stocks is the basis for the growth of funds and the increase in returns. The following points are worth paying attention to:
    1, the broader market is not stable. It is not recommended to choose the trend of the market in the market or there is no signs of stability. The barometer of individual stocks means the broader market, and the market decline has prompted most individual stocks to fall. At this time, the replenishment is dangerous. The obvious bottom of the natural bear market turning period can maximize the profitability of the profit.
    2, the upward trend can be replaced. In the process of rising, you buy stocks at the top of the stage but show a loss. If there is a price callback, you can buy some to make up your position.
    3. The skyrocketing dark horse stocks do not make up. If there have been a round of skyrocketing before, the adjustment is usually large, the decline cycle is long, and the bottom is not seen.
    4, disadvantaged stocks do not make up. The purpose of replenishment is to hope to use the profitability of the post -position to make up for the loss of the previous quilt, but don't make up for the positioning. If you want to make up, you must make up for the strong stock.
    5, grasp the timing of the position, strive to succeed once. The taboo of the positioning is to make up the position and make up the position step by step. The first point is that our funds are insufficient and cannot be achieved multiple times. After the positioning of the position, it will increase the positioning of the position. If the stock price continues to fall, the loss will be increased. In addition, the replenishment makes up for the previous error buying behavior. Don't continue to commit mistakes. In any case, the timing of stock trading is very important! Some friends buy stocks, and often encounter the situation where they fall when they buy and sell as soon as they sell. They think they are not lucky ... In fact, they just lack this time to buy and sell artifacts. Miss the opportunity to rise: [AI Auxiliary Decision] Capture the time of buying and selling

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  3. The positioning is a passive strain strategy after being stuck. It is not a good way to solve the set, but it is the most suitable method in some specific conditions. There is no best way in the stock market, only the most suitable way. As long as the method is used, it will be a weapon against defeat; if it is not used, it will also become a hotbed of cocoon self -binding. Therefore, pay attention to the following points when applying for specific application of positioning:
    . The shortcomings cannot be repaid in the early stages of the bear market. Everyone who knows this reason, but some investors cannot distinguish between the turning point of the beef and bear? There is a very simple way: the stock price is not deeply fell and resolutely does not make up for positions. If the current price of the stock is 5 % lower than the purchase price, there is no need to make up the position, because the shock can be unzipped in a casual disk. If the current price is 20 % to 30 % lower than that of the current purchase price, or even some stock prices are cut, you can consider replenishment. The room for further decline in the market outlook is relatively limited.
    . The broader market does not stabilize and does not make up the position. The broader market cannot be replenished when the felling channel or the relay rebounds, because when the stock index fell further, it would drag up most stocks to go downhill together, and only a few stocks that were strong in the market can be exceptions. The best time to make up the position is when the index is relatively low or just reversed upward.
    three, disadvantaged stocks do not make up. Especially those large markets did not rise, and the market fell to fall. Because the purpose of replenishing positions is to use the profit of the later replenishment shares to make up for the loss of the previous sets of stocks. Since this is so big that you don't have to limit your original quilt varieties.
    . The super dark horse that has soared in the early stage will not make up. There were many leading leaders in history, and after sending a brief and dazzling light, it entered into the long night of darkness. Such as: Sichuan Changhong, Shenzhen Development, China Jialing, Qingdao Haier, Jinan light riding, etc., they have a long decline cycle, often falling deeply after deep fall, and deeper bottoms after the bottom.
    5. Grasp the time to make up the position and strive to succeed once. Do not replenish the positions, and make up the positions step by step. First of all, the funds of ordinary investors are limited and cannot withstand multiple flat operations.

  4. One of the most critical questions in your question is missed by you, that is, "Should you make a position after being set?" Now I will make up for this problem for you, and make up for four issues (in fact, there are two questions that are the same The question is just that you ask the law differently) to answer them:
    . Should I make up the position after being set?
    : If you are quilt at a high level (the so -called high, it means that the price when the price is set at the technical high of the K -line chart), not only can not make up the position, but also should be cut off. , You can make up your position.
    . How to make up after being set?
    : If you are set at the low technology, don't be afraid, you can boldly replenish the position when the stock price is adjusted to the middle of the market. The so -called previous wave of quotes refer to the rise in the low position (that is, the price of a low point (that is, an obvious phase at the bottom of the bottom), and finally the vertical length of the upper end of the upper end (that is, the stage top) " Essence The so -called intermediate position refers to the "lowest price at the bottom of the bottom of the bottom the highest price at the top of the top) ÷ 2; when the stock price is adjusted to this middle position, you can boldly make up the position.
    . How much is it appropriate to make up the position?
    : The premise that you can make up is the correct judgment of "being set at low". Under this premise, you can make up 100/100, 1/2, 1/3, etc., depending on your funding. If you judge the error, you can't make up for one share! —— Please remember my final told!
    . How can we make up the most effective reduction in holding the holding cost?
    : If you judge that you are put in the low position, then the way I say above is the most effective way to reduce the cost of holding holdings; if you judge that it is set at a high position, then the method of using the replacement to stall the low cost is the most. Wrong, the masters have repeatedly warned us not to do that, and some experience fully proves absolute-absolute-absolutely not so dry-only those who think they are smart and are actually not as stupid as pigs will be so dry (however I do n’t know that “this” is the main reason for their long -term losses and unable to turn it)!

  5. Look at the situation to make up. You can make up the position on the day. How much can be discounted at that time, that is, minimize the previous cost. It is best to make up more than 5 hands. ,
    This on the high position on the day, if it has not risen to your cost price. Keep waiting for the next high position before replenishing. Essence Slowly this stock came out. This is a way to lose money. Essence Maybe you can earn a little bit

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