How to make up after the stock is set up

Recently, the stock market fell miserable. My stock has been set up more than 30%, and I vomit blood. There is a little funds in my hand, I want to make up for a position. Ask the master, how should the stock make up after being set? Thank you first

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  1. Many investors have lost money, and they have also had a behavior that reduced losses through the behavior of replenishment. Let me talk about it in detail. Before starting, you may wish to get a wave of benefits-the selected bull stock list of the institution is released. Do n’t miss it if you pass by: [Telling the Secret] The list of cattle stocks recommended by the institution is leaked, and the speed-speed terminal! Intersection Intersection
    . The replacement and additional position
    . The stock price will lose a lot of money if the stock price falls, so it cannot be sold. Behavior. If the stock is stuck, it can reduce its cost by replenishing the position, but if the stock price does not stop falling, there will be more and more losses. This strategy is used after being stuck. This strategy is passive. This strategy itself does not belong to a very good way to solve the way, but it is the most suitable method in special situations.
    Ittaids are different from other aspects. The addition of the addition of a stock is that a certain stock is very fragrant, and in the process of rising the stock, the two continue to buy additional buying. Different, the buying operation is carried out when the position is declined.

    . The cost of replacement
    The cost calculation method after the stock supplementation of stocks below (based on one position as an example):
    Buying price the second purchase quantity*buying price transaction fee)/(the number of first buy the number of second buying)
    *The number of stocks purchased in the early stage the average price per share*the number of shares of the stock)/(the number of previous stocks the number of stocks replenish stocks)
    , the above two methods must be manually calculated. Now most of the stock trading software must be The trading system contains the cost -effective calculator. We can watch it without calculating it. Don't know if the stock in your hand is good? Click on the bottom link to test directly: [Free] Test your current valuation location?
    . The timing of positioning
    The opportunity to make up is difficult to seize. You must also grasp the opportunity and work hard to succeed once. It is worth noting that the disadvantaged stocks that have fallen all the way can not be replaced at will. The so -called stocks with a small turnover and a low -rate turnover rate are vulnerable stocks in the market. Such stocks are particularly easy to depreciate, and losses may be increased. If it is set as a disadvantaged stock, it should be considered to be considered. The purpose of our replenishment operation is to unbutton the funds as soon as possible. However, it is not to further set the funds, that is, it is not possible to confirm that the stock market will strengthen the stock market after the positioning of the replenishment. The risk is great. Only when it is confirmed that when the holding of the shareholding in the hand is a strong stock, daring to make reissue of strong stocks is the key to the success of capital growth and the success of income. The following content is worth noting:
    1, the broader market is not stabilized and not supplemented. It is not recommended to choose in the market to choose a trend or not have any signs of stability. The market is the barometer of a stock. The market decline has prompted most of the stocks to fall. It is very dangerous to choose a short position at this time. What can maximize profitability to maximize the profit is of course the obvious bottom of the bear market turning period.
    2, the upward trend can be replaced. During the rise, you buy stocks at the top of the stage but lose losses. When the price of the stock recovers, you can make up your position.
    3. The skyrocketing dark horse stocks do not make up. If it has skyrocketed once in the early stage, the adjustment is usually large, the decline cycle is long, and the bottom is not seen.
    4, disadvantaged stocks do not make up. What is the purpose of replenishment? It was used to make up for the losses of the quilt before. If you want to make up the position in order to make up the position, it is very wrong.
    5, grasp the timing of the position, strive to succeed once. It is wrong to make up positions and level -by -level replenishment. First of all, our funds are limited, and it is almost impossible to make up for many times. As long as the positioning of the position will increase the positioning of the position, if the stock price falls successively, it will lose more; the second is that the losses caused by the previous error have been reduced. Yes, don't continue to make mistakes. In any case, the timing of stock trading is very important! Some friends buy stocks, and often encounter the situation where they fall when they buy and sell as soon as they sell. They think they are not lucky ... In fact, they just lack this time to buy and sell artifacts. Miss the opportunity to rise: [AI Auxiliary Decision] Capture the time of buying and selling

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  2. The positioning is a passive strain strategy after being stuck. It is not a good way to solve the set, but it is the most suitable method in some specific conditions. There is no best way in the stock market, only the most suitable way. As long as the method is used, it will be a weapon against defeat; if it is not used, it will also become a hotbed of cocoon self -binding. Therefore, pay attention to the following points when applying for specific application of positioning:

    . The position of the bear market cannot be replaced in the early stages of the bear market. Everyone who knows this reason, but some investors cannot distinguish between the turning point of the beef and bear? There is a very simple way: the stock price is not deeply fell and resolutely does not make up for positions. If the current price of the stock is 5 % lower than the purchase price, there is no need to make up the position, because the shock can be unzipped in a casual disk. If the current price is 20 % to 30 % lower than that of the current purchase price, or even some stock prices are cut, you can consider replenishment. The room for further decline in the market outlook is relatively limited.
    . The broader market does not stabilize and does not make up the position. The broader market cannot be replenished when the felling channel or the relay rebounds, because when the stock index fell further, it would drag up most stocks to go downhill together, and only a few stocks that were strong in the market can be exceptions. The best time to make up the position is when the index is relatively low or just reversed upward.
    three, disadvantaged stocks do not make up. Especially those large markets did not rise, and the market fell to fall. Because the purpose of replenishing positions is to use the profit of the later replenishment shares to make up for the loss of the previous sets of stocks. Since this is so big that you don't have to limit your original quilt varieties.
    . The super dark horse that has soared in the early stage will not make up. There were many leading leaders in history, and after sending a brief and dazzling light, it entered into the long night of darkness. Such as: Sichuan Changhong, Shenzhen Development, China Jialing, Qingdao Haier, Jinan light riding, etc., they have a long decline cycle, often falling deeply after deep fall, and deeper bottoms after the bottom.
    5. Grasp the time to make up the position and strive to succeed once. Do not replenish the positions, and make up the positions step by step. First of all, the funds of ordinary investors are limited and cannot withstand multiple flat operations.

  3. I. Several types of stocks that are not suitable for replenishment

    are stocks containing large and sizes; second, strategic investors with strong desire to monetize their stocks shares The variety of national industrial policies; the fourth is the stock that has gone and the main dealer evacuated.

    . In the early stages of the decline, we cannot make up the position

    The people who know the principle of stock trading, but some investors cannot distinguish between the turning point of the beef and bear? Here is a very simple way: decide whether to make up for the stock price decline. If the current price of the stock is less than 10%lower than 10%, you can consider replenishment, because a casual shock may be solid. And if the current price is more than 20%-30%lower than that of the current price, and even some stock prices are cut, there is no doubt that you can consider replenishment. To such a degree, no matter what the market is, in the long run, there is no doubt that the decline in the market market is undoubtedly far less than the room for rise.

    . The stocks must meet the conditions

    1. Short -term technical indicators are fully adjusted in place, such as KDJ and other bottom -to -see and form an effective reversal technical form. At this time, even if the medium -term shape has not completely improved, the probability of the short -term rebound is still large, at least there is a difference to do it. This is a good time for the empty warehouse funds to make up or make up the position.

    2, the operating rhythm of the dealer has obvious rhythm and the medium- and long -term trends remain intact. Although the overall trend of the broader market is not good, many stocks still remain in a healthier rising channel, and the position of the trend support line stops. Copy to the bottom of the band. Once you enter the earlier high, you will be resolutely sold, and the rest of the time will be patiently waiting for the stock price to fall.

    . The reinforcement does not make up for weakness

    The purpose of replenishment is to use the profitability of the stock to make up for the loss of the previous set of stocks. Be sure to make up for the original quilt. What varieties are not the key to replenishment. The key is to make the most profitable varieties to make the most profitable. This is to focus on it. Therefore, we must make up for the strong stocks to make up for the strong stocks. Essence Essence Essence Essence

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  4. 1
    The position should be supplemented when the company's fundamentals are optimistic. After 30%, gradually make up
    If want to solve the set fast, it should be stabilized at the low position of the stock price to stabilize the trend

  5. Different trading plates are not one pharmaceutical new energy new medical reform three networks fusion information communication

    It other large plate bank valuations are more anti -decline defense. The bottom of the steel is now obviously considered as appropriate. If the stock in your hand deviates bolder daily, you can do a short T 0 to low cost

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