1 thought on “Does RDX have something to do with CRV?”

  1. The difference between RDX and CRV: The 3.5L enhanced version of CRV

    1. The power difference is 50%, especially the torque. I have opened the old CRV. RDX easily breaks hundreds

    2. Internal space is almost the same, the tail box is almost large. However, there are many advanced electronic systems. There are many humanized gadgets, such as electronic rearview mirrors, memory seats, reversing images, voice control, etc.

    3. Four -wheel drive: Old version (08 ~ 2010) It is more advanced than the present, and the new version is a bit simple. It is said that it is necessary to save fuel, and change the full 4WD to CRV's timely four -wheel drive ... It is not good to say, basically the four -wheel drive. The four-wheel drive of the CRV only knows that the OFF-Road ability is better than that of

    4. Price: RDX is basically 10,000 tigers than CRV. Tax) The landing price is about 300,000, and it is estimated to be 360,000. What are the 230,000 new cars, do n’t believe it, nonsense, it is a basic configuration car. There are no luggage racks, electric seats, leather, automatic air conditioners. Generally, car dealers will not take the online price to sell. Two package, decided to say no car. If the domestic pricing is 650,000, it depends on the X3 and Q5, it is not worth the price.

    The positioning opponent here is: X3/Q5/GLK
    Main warranty policy: 6 years 120,000 kilometers
    Pet people think that there will be about 500,000 (midfielder) in China. Maybe, after all, the brand is not as big as Benz, and GLK starts at 480,000.

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