1 thought on “Shenyang University campus self -service withdrawal machines are all from that bank”

  1. Construction Bank, Shengjing Bank, Pudong Development Bank.

    It Shenyang University is a full -time general college approved by the Ministry of Education and recruited across the country. The history of school running schools can be traced back to Fengtian Industrial School established in 1905 and Xinmin Gong School established in 1906. At present, the school has developed into an undergraduate education as the main body. At the same time, it has a comprehensive university with doctoral and master's degree education and continuing education. one. In recent years, the school has become the first batch of universities in the Ministry of Education's outstanding engineers and the first batch of universities in the application -oriented transformation demonstration universities, innovative and entrepreneurial education demonstration universities, and studying education demonstration universities in China. In the ranking of the Alumni Association 2021, the overall strength of the school has ranked among the top 200 Chinese universities.

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