4 thoughts on “Can the renminbi be used in Ukraine, what should I do if it doesn't work?”

  1. Renminbi cannot be used in Ukraine. When consumption in Ukraine, the RMB must be converted to Ukraine's country's currency Griffner or exchanged RMB into US dollars.
    Although the renminbi has gone further and further on the road of internationalization, the use of RMB in countries like Ukraine will still not be recognized by Ukraine. Therefore, if domestic tourists want to travel to Ukraine, they must convert the money in their hands into currencies that can be used in Ukraine.
    I. Renminbi cannot be used in Ukraine. Because the RMB is not a domestic circulation currency that the Ukrainian government is officially recognized, this makes it impossible for the RMB to be used in Ukraine in a large area. However, because many Chinese have come to Ukraine to open a business business, if you choose to trade with these Chinese people, it is also possible to use RMB directly, but it is best to exchange RMB into the legal currency recognized by Ukraine.
    . Chinese tourists travel to Ukraine and must exchange the RMB into the legal currency Griffina in Ukraine. The legal currency of Ukraine is not the ruble, but Griffina. Before we go abroad, we must convert our RMB into the local Greffner that can be used in Ukraine. Because of this, we can buy what we like when we consume in Ukraine. If we do not exchange the renminbi to Griffina, then when we buy things, the merchant will definitely refuse the RMB.
    . Consumption in Ukraine can be exchanged for dollars into dollars. Although the US dollar is not the legal currency in Ukraine, because the US dollar is a international currency, this allows Ukraine domestic businesses to choose to use US dollars for trade, so we can use U.S. dollars in Ukraine. Of course, the use of US dollars in Ukraine will also encounter exchange rate exchange problems, so in order to avoid these troubles, we should still convert RMB into the legal currency Griffner used in Ukraine.

  2. No, you can go to the bank to exchange. Ukraine generally does not use RMB. Everyone generally uses the country's currency. It can go to the bank for currency exchange and exchange the RMB into local currencies.

  3. Renminbi cannot be used in Ukraine. If you want to use money, you need to replace the RMB to the dollar or Griffina. If only RMB, you can go to the bank to exchange.

  4. I think of course it cannot be used. You can go to the bank to exchange the currency of Ukraine with the RMB, so that you can shop.

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