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  1. 1. If the judgment of the backward trend is down
    , a stock declines deeply, and if there is signs of downlinks when you find the market, you will sell some stocks first, wait for individual stocks to continue to fall, and wait for the market to show signs of stop falling. Stocks, wait for the stock price to rebound; maybe the upward trend may be blocked again, then continue to sell some stocks, buy it at a relatively low point, and then sell it at a relatively high point, and repeatedly operate until the solution is completed.
    2. If the judgment of the market is upward
    The stock is set to buy stocks at a low point first, and wait for the short -term high point to sell before selling.
    3. If you have enough guts and cash
    After the stock is set, the stock price doubles the same stock every time it falls, which can reduce the average price until the stock price rises and complete the setting out.
    4, stock exchange
    If you feel that the stock is unwilling, just close the position, and then change to the stock market with a price of about the same price. Of course, the second stock does not necessarily make a short -term profit, and it is not necessarily a rising market. This depends on your stock selection and judgment ability.
    The expansion information:
    Open an account at the securities company, and then open the relevant procedures such as the Shanghai Stock Exchange or Shenzhen Stock Exchange shareholders' account card, capital account, online transaction business, and telephone trading business. Then download the online trading software specified by the securities company.
    2. Go to the bank to open a live account, and open the bank's transfer business to deposit the money into the bank.
    3. Turn money from the bank to the securities company's fund account through the online transaction system or telephone transaction system.
    4. In the online trading system or telephone trading system, you can buy and sell stocks.
    5. The account opening fee is generally the fee of shareholders' cards. According to the exchanges, the account opening fee of Shanghai shareholders card is 40 yuan, and the Shenzhen shareholder card account opening fee is 50 yuan. (Generally free.)
    6. When buying stocks, you must entrust a securities company to deal with it, so you must find an securities company to open an account. Those who buy stocks cannot be bought and sold directly on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. This is the same as the second -hand housing buying and selling by an intermediary company.
    Mo how to go through the account opening procedure: open securities account → open fund account → handle designated transactions
    1. Be sure to go through the account opening procedures. First of all, you want to open Shanghai and Shenzhen securities accounts; second, you can get a securities trading card when you open a capital account. Then, according to the provisions of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, you should handle designated transactions. After handling designated transactions, you can conduct stock trading in the Shanghai Securities Market in the business department.
    2. The opening of the securities account must hold the original and photocopy of my ID card, and the capital account must also bring the original and photocopy of the securities account card. If you need to entrust others to operate, you need to come to go through the commission procedure with the agent (agent must also bring his ID card).
    3. On April 13, 2015, a ID card can be issued up to a securities account at a maximum of 20 securities companies.
    The stock code is a digital code assigned by the stock exchange of Shanghai and Shenzhen. This type of code covers all securities listed on the exchange. Familiar with this type of code helps to increase our understanding of transaction varieties. A -share code: Shanghai City is 600 ××× or 60 ××××, Shenzhen City is 000 ××× or 001 ×××, small and medium -sized boards are 00 ××××, and the GEM is 300 ×××; The last 3 digits of the two cities are the order of listing; B -share code: Shanghai City is 900 ×××, and the Shenzhen City is 200 ×××; Essence
    The purchase code and listing code of the GEM are 30 ××××, the additional issuance is 37 ××××, and the shares are 38 ××××.
    Im and small board: 002xxx

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