"Book of Book of Wisdom 1" pdf download online reading, ask Baidu network disk cloud resources

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  1. "Wisdom of Book of Changes 1" (Zeng Shiqiang) E -book network disk download free online reading
    link: Pan./s/_79tg
    Extract code: RVM3 Book Title: Wisdom of Book of Changes 1
    Author: Zeng Shiqiang
    Douban score: 8.4
    Publishing house: Shaanxi Normal University Publishing Corporation
    Published year: 2010-11-1
    Page: 271
    Introduction to content introduction :rn《易经的智慧》共分六部,第一部《从开天辟地到师忧比乐》,从乾坤定位开始展开,讲述始生之难,蒙以养正,待机之道,争Strong, the teacher comes out of the right way, pro -harmonious and other wisdom. Through a detailed analysis of Qian, Kun, Tun, Mongolian, Mongolia, Demand, Litigation, Division, and Eight Hexagrams, the great wisdom behind the hexagram was introduced. The wisdom summary of this book is as follows: How to use three coins to be used? How to look at the good and bad of each hexagram with the thinking of one yin and one yang? Why is the direction more important than speed? Why is it bigger and stronger than long and stronger? How to use Qiankun Road to deal with the relationship between superiors and husband and wife? How to enlighten children? Why not be satisfied immediately? Why is there no winner in the lawsuit? Why is the highest state of "Sun Tzu's Art of War" not fighting? What is the interpersonal relationship with Chinese characteristics and how to deal with it? …
    This introduction:
    Zeng Shiqiang:
    The president of Taiwan Xingguo School of Management, President of Taiwan Smart University, Professor of Taiwan Normal University, Consultant of Successful Magazine, and Chairman of the China Unified Promotion Association.

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