Peace Elite: A full set of angry birds with Qi Qi, need a 648, and earns it to make the pot first.

1 thought on “Peace Elite: A full set of angry birds with Qi Qi, need a 648, and earns it to make the pot first.”

  1. everyone knows that "Peace Elite" was temporarily updated yesterday afternoon. Although no adjustment was made, it was launched to link with "Angry Birds", and the mall's limited time, parachute, and helmet backbame skin also The time -limited activity was turned on, and this time, the tokens were superimposed as the previous time -limited activity.

    So since last night, many people have run to draw this linkage skin, because a total of twelve items use the method of drawing bird coins, and no repeated props will appear. Then You must want to know how much do you want to finish all?

    First of all, I do n’t recommend that you finish all of them. Putting off your luck and not convinced the decoration coins and the Honor Medal must be the easiest to get in the early stage. Pay attention to the helmet because the first -level bag is usually the most useless, so if you have more than level 2 or above, you can stop it. Of course, if you are a big man, you do n’t say it.
    In a reference for you, draw the required bird coins at each stage.
    The first pump: 2 small bird coins
    The second draw: 4 small bird coins
    third drawing: 8 small bird coins
    : 12 bird coins
    The fifth time: 24 bird coins
    The sixth draw: 36 bird coins
    Seventh time drawing: 54 bird coins r r r r r r r
    The eighth draw: 72 bird coins
    The ninth draw: 90 bird coins
    Tenth draw: 108 bird coins
    Eleventh draws: 120 bird coins
    The twelfth draw: 160 bird coins
    So all 12 times need to spend 690 small bird coins. Don't ask how much you want to, ask 648!
    Because everyone is different from this thing, although many people only get the pan for the last time, some people have come out of the pot for the third time. At present, the parachute is Many people must take it, and the flat pot is really followed.

    In general, this time the price of "Angry Birds" is calculated on the 12th company. 648 can be completely neat. It depends on your luck. Anyway, now the backpack and peace pot are a large popular in the rain forest map, and the third -level head is the position display instrument. Where you can basically see the red helmet.
    It, let's show you the actual dressing effect!
    The effect of second -level package and two -level head:

    The effect of three -level package:

    The effect of three -level header:

    The best -looking matching three -level pineapple head third -level pig bag:

    In addition to the update of the mall, the birth island gameplay has also increased, yes! Presumably you also guess the gameplay in "Angry Bird". The pineapple grenade in your hand has become a bird of three colors. In the conventional island map, you can see a huge pork nest, use After the birds fall, there will be a LOGO of "Angry Birds" at the same time.

    In general, this wave of temporary updates is actually not much. With a full set of 648 skin, you can not be interested. It is estimated that it will be changed soon, either waiting until the cooperation is over. This time it was just an opportunity to promote each other.
    Is do you think you will "pay" this time? Or is it prepared to be a little bit? Let's discuss the comments below.

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