lip jewelry wholesale The man in Guangxi was transferred to 370,000 after receiving a few strange calls. How did the criminals operate?

lip jewelry wholesale

5 thoughts on “lip jewelry wholesale The man in Guangxi was transferred to 370,000 after receiving a few strange calls. How did the criminals operate?”

  1. fine jewelry wholesale thailand According to relevant information, the gentleman purchased a virtual currency on a investment network for financial management, and deposited ¥ 1000 on this website. But when he browsed the website one day, he suddenly found that the money on this website was frozen, and then he received several strange numbers from Hong Kong, saying that his account was frozen. Essence The gentleman did not doubt the change for a while, and downloaded two software as their instructions.

    not only this is the cash in the security account to these two software. The scammer immediately flickered the gentleman's face to verify. After a few operations, I used the identity information of this gentleman to make a loan. The gentleman thought he was doing virtual currency operations. When I received the loan confirmation information, I found that I had been deceived, but it was too late. Not to mention how little this gentleman is, it can only be said that it is still a scammer.
    This I advise everyone to be vigilant. Due to the development of modern economy, people's channels for investing in wealth management are more diverse. Affected by information asymmetry. Many times, we think that we have obtained business opportunities that others do not know, and think that investment and financial management can get more returns in what small -scale websites. As everyone knows, the security of these websites is also lower, and these security will not only make the money you have invested in water and drift, but also cause the landslide effect, making your other wealth go through.
    The general routine of telecommunications fraud is to deceive the other party to download what software first, and then let yourself perform identity verification. He may not ask us for identity information directly, but will indirectly routine our privacy. The author recently encountered the kind of part -time fraud. First of all, it attracted with very high part -time income, and then we asked us all kinds of privacy information at the beginning. It is a routine with online telecommunications fraud.

  2. wholesale jewelry supplies in new york city Grasp the other party's conspiracy to take advantage of the small cheap, so it will deceive the other party. Then he said that the other party would get something he wanted. In the end, scammers were scammed by 370,000. This incident tells us that we are greedy and cheap.

  3. wholesale silk jewelry pouches Because he had invested on the Internet before, the scammer told him that the website had been banned, and he needed a series of operations, and then he downloaded the software and transferred some money.

  4. wholesale organic body jewelry Criminals get the names, phone numbers, and bank card verification codes through the process of communicating with strangers. Once the verification code is obtained, all the money in the bank card can be transferred away.

  5. wholesale small jewelry gift boxes Tell him that the staff of the public prosecutor's department said that his ID card was used for fraud, participated in the bank's black laundering, and then asked him to transfer the property.

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