julio jewelry wholesale Be careful! Xiaoshan recently had a high incidence of such cases, and some people lost heavy losses!

julio jewelry wholesale

1 thought on “julio jewelry wholesale Be careful! Xiaoshan recently had a high incidence of such cases, and some people lost heavy losses!”

  1. wholesale jewelry and purses We all know
    A scammers impersonate customer service, there are many types of customer service
    bank customer service, courier customer service ...
    Recently, scammers have stared at the investment virtual currency The crowd
    The possessed platform customer service to implement fraud
    Is a man in Xiaoshan hit it!
    Real cases
    On the evening of June 13, Mr. Xu (Hua's surname) in Xiaoshan received a call from a self -proclaimed "Huobi APP customer service" (008 *************) The other party said that "the virtual currency purchased by Mr. Xu has money laundering, and its fire currency account is facing the risk of being frozen." It also said that Mr. Xu may violate the law of the country. You need to buy USDT on Huobi APP to prove that you have the ability to buy currency.
    Am Mr. Xu believed, added the other party QQ to make voice calls with the other party. Under the guidance of the other party, Mr. Xu shared his mobile phone screen and bought USDT currency on Huobi APP, but when buying The system prompts that there are risks and cannot be transferred. They have been canceled three times in total. After
    , the other party asked Mr. Xu to send the name of Mr. Xu directly to Mr. Xu through the "turn offline" method. If it fails, you need to continue the transfer of risks.
    The means of analysis
    A liabilities pretend to be virtual currency platform customer service in the name of "purchase virtual currency suspected money laundering", "user account abnormal", "transaction is risk control" and other names. If you need to thaw, you need to "prove the purchase ability". After that, the scammers will ask you to transfer to the designated account with various words, or to transfer digital currencies, causing investors to lose heavy losses.
    In addition to this
    The investors should also be careful of the "virtual currency transaction" scam!
    1. Investing in virtual currency is risky, virtual currency is a specific virtual commodity. It cannot be issued by the currency authorities. It should not be used as currency in circulation in the market. Without real value support, the price is easily manipulated.
    2, "00" or " " shows that overseas network numbers are usually called fraud calls. If you receive this call, please hang up directly.
    3. If you encounter a phone call that claims to be a platform customer service, you must verify and confirm the customer service as soon as possible.
    4. If you are unfortunately deceived, you should collect evidence immediately and call the national unified anti -fraud hotline 96110 stop loss.

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