Why can't you see the blinds from the upstairs

When you install blinds, you don't want the outside to look in, so the bevelled faces are usually used to shield people below. When you look in, you can only see the Plantation shutters' bevelled faces. If you pull it out, you can see the outline of the person, you can't pull it either way, if you pull it out the front you can see it downstairs, if you pull it out the back you can see it upstairs, but the advantage of the blinds is that they are very breathable, they are not afraid of water, they are very good quality and they are easy to take care of.

How do you adjust the blinds so you can't see outside?

There is usually a lever on the side of the shutter, which can be pulled down to adjust the Angle of the shutter blades. When the window blades are perpendicular to the ground, the outside world cannot peep into the interior through the shutters, and the interior cannot see the outside; When the fan blade is adjusted to the outside down inside up and not completely closed, the indoor can see the outside, but the outside can not see the inside; If the louvers are parallel to the ground, they are visible in both directions. In addition, the electric shutter can also be adjusted by remote control.

Advantages and disadvantages of blinds

1. Advantages: Blinds have the characteristics of heat insulation and UV insulation, so they can regulate the indoor temperature to a certain extent and protect indoor furniture from UV damage. In addition, blinds usually do not appear discoloration deformation, long service life.

2. Disadvantages: Although the blinds can isolate most of the sight from the outside world when they are closed, there are still some gaps, so the blocking function will be insufficient. Blinds, meanwhile, are made of many connected blades, so once dust falls it can be a hassle to clean.

How to choose blinds?

1. Choose the material

Blinds also come in a variety of materials. Bamboo blinds have high quality, but limited light transmittance and easy to be damp and mildew. Aluminum shutter is usually white, simple and beautiful; Plastic blinds are cheap and colorful, but lack texture and are not resistant to corrosion. In addition, there are wood chips, glass steel sheet and other materials, as required to choose.

2. Choose the style

While blinds may look pretty much the same, there are actually quite a few differences between different styles. There are folding type, rolling type, and push-pull type. The louvers that are usually used more frequently are those that adjust the tilt amplitude of the window leaf by pulling the rope adjusting rod, which have better light transmittance and are more convenient to use.

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