Mbappe's World Cup victory, not as much as Messi's role

In fact, Messi no longer needs to prove himself as a champion, but there are always people who are not convinced. Just like in the current international football world, every young player or outstanding player will use data and results to compare Messi, taking Messi as the benchmark. This proves the importance of Messi in today's football world.

Messi won the World Cup. It is the epitome of his entire career, because from the beginning to the fame of the world, the most precious and most important title is the World Cup, which is the life dream of many players. Of course, according to the World Cup stats, Messi can win the World Cup, and many players have the experience of winning the World Cup. It's not a double mark. It's the sum of Messi's statistics and technical ability in every aspect of football that adds gold to the World Cup. In other words, it would be a shame if the World Cup did not have Messi's fingerprints on it.

In retrospect, we should discuss whether Mbappe is going to be the king of the game or not. When Mbappe was a young boy, he was already mentioned as the successor to the king of the game, but when he won the World Cup, it was not as important as Messi. He can't win a World Cup and become king because there is still a long way to go. And Messi was crowned king because of all the glory and growth of the witness, put into this World Cup.

Technical capability

In the field of football, there are only three players, Pele, Maradona and Messi. The three have a lot in common. First of all, the World Cup, which is the highest honor in football, and the skill at their feet. Far from saying, Messi's skills should be recognized as the strongest. He can in the forbidden area as into the land of no one, and can drive straight through a few people. These are the basic operations of a player at the top level of the game, in other words, the support of talent.

Mbappe's performance in the Qatar World Cup is very outstanding, how and the last World Cup, Mbappe's technical ability has been greatly improved, although he relies on speed to win, but in the World Cup, especially in the final, his calm dribbling in the penalty area and outstanding ability are seen by the fans, but in the technical aspect is still a little bit immature. This is compared to the technical players at their feet. So the first hard thing is that Mbappe needs to improve and mature if he is to catch up with Messi.


The second hard condition is honor. As mentioned above, Mbappe's World Cup victory is not as important as Messi's role, which is due to objective factors. The first World Cup winner, although Mbappe is the team's leading attack, but generally speaking, Mbappe is not the dominant player of the team. Moreover, one World Cup alone is not enough.

The acquisition of honor is a player of the king's level. It should have a hard condition. When Mbappe is mentioned in the same breath as Messi, there is already a case to be made and an improvement in honours will be necessary for Mbappe to follow in Messi's footsteps.

Messi has won 7 Ballon d 'Or awards. The 2023 Ballon D 'Or is also approaching him. Considering Mbappe's current age and the team he plays for, it is probably very difficult to catch up with Messi's number of Ballon D 'Or awards.

In addition to individual awards, the team honor of the club is indispensable. At present, Mbappe only has the league title, while the highest honor of the club, Mbappe, has never won the Champions League. If he wants to match Messi, the number of Champions League titles in Mbappe must be more than two.


The number of Ballon d 'Or and the number of Champions League titles mentioned above is just a feeding. The most important thing is that where Mbappe's height can go depends on the next World Cup. In addition to two hard conditions, Mbappe must win a World Cup title again, and it is Mbappe as the core and the leading force to win. It's like the Qatar World Cup is taking shape. To become the king of the game in the hearts of fans, because Messi has improved the king of the game to a degree that people can not reach.

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