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  1. Since the opening of the financial leasing business in 2007, the financial leasing enterprise represented by banks has expanded rapidly, and the financial leasing industry has made progress all the way. During the "Eleventh Five -Year Plan" period, China's financial leasing industry has been growing geometrically, and the total business volume has increased from approximately 8 billion yuan in 2006 to about 700 billion yuan in 2010, an increase of 86 times. In 2011, due to the changes in the economic development environment at home and abroad, and the relevant state departments adopted a policy development policy for the development of financial leasing enterprises, the growth rate slowed down. By the end of the year, the balance of the national financial lease contract was about 930 billion yuan, an increase of about 230 billion yuan from 700 billion yuan at the beginning of the year, and the growth rate decreased by 32.9%. The balance of the national financial lease contract in 2012 rose by 66.67%to 1550 billion yuan.

    "2014-2018 China Financial Leasing Industry Market Prospective and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" released by the Prospective Industry Research Institute shows that the yield of China's financial leasing industry can be divided into divided Three gear, lower ones are generally 8%-9%, mainly banks are financial leasing companies. They often only make high-quality orders of more than 100 million yuan; 10%-13%in the middle range; 15%-17%(usually small enterprises, small equipment).

    It can be seen that the profit of financial leasing companies is less than 17%. In this case, the total tax of 17%is paid first, so that the financial leasing company not only can not see the fact that it cannot see that the financial leasing company cannot see it. The income, and even some principal of the principal, can be taxed in advance, which can easily cause the cash flow of financial leasing companies. The month -on -month growth is zero is the clearest response to "business reform".

    The first stagnation of financing leases is now indicating that the development of the industry is still in the early stages of growth. It requires continuous support of policies. Rasitive growth cannot cover up the immatureness of the industry. However, the company will not allow it to continue, and the current voices in the industry have attracted great attention from the Ministry of Finance. On September 13, the Ministry of Finance's "Draft on the Revision of the Reform of the Financial Leasing Camp Reform Policy" ("Draft for Soliciting Opinions") has been issued to a number of financial leasing companies, and the industry's fiscal and taxation policy is expected to return to the "business reform". In any case, the financial leasing industry will continue to develop, and the industry prospects are very good.

    In short, my country's financial leasing industry has a very broad prospect.

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  2. Financial leasing originated in the United States in the 1950s. China's modern financial leasing industry started late and started reform and opening up in the 1980s. Channel of foreign capital.

    2013 The overall exhibition of financial leasing industry in the middle of the country was rapid. In 2013, the financial leasing company exceeded 1,000, reaching 1026, an increase of 466 from 560 at the beginning of the year, an increase of 83.2%; the registered capital of the financial leasing industry exceeded the 300 billion yuan mark, reaching 306 billion yuan.

    The analysis of the "2015-2020 China Financial Leasing Industry Market Prospective and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" released by the Prospective Industry Research Institute analysis: my country's financial leasing industry has maintained a good development momentum in recent years. The prediction believes that China will surpass the United States in 2017 and become the world's first financial leasing country.

    The latest data shows that as of the end of June 2013, the balance of financial lease contracts was about 1.9 trillion yuan, an increase of about 350 billion yuan from 1.55 trillion yuan at the beginning of the year, and a growth rate of 22.6%. Among them, the balance of financial lease contracts was about 740 billion yuan, an increase of 12.1%over the 660 billion yuan at the end of the previous year; the balance of domestic lease contracts was about 660 billion yuan, an increase of 22.2%over the 540 billion yuan at the end of the previous year.

    The financial leasing industry has maintained a good development trend. The role of the financial leasing industry in the entire economic development is increasingly obvious.

  3. The development of my country's financial leasing industry is facing new challenges and opportunities, and its development prospects are broad.
    In the World Leasing Annual Report statistics, global equipment leasing transactions in 1999 have reached 470 billion US dollars (do not include personal car rental). The equipment penetration rate of equipment leasing transactions in industrial developed countries reaches about 20%-35%. In recent years, my country's equipment leasing transaction volume accounts for only about 1%of all equipment transactions, and the market potential is huge. On the occasion of the new century, it has important practical significance to accelerate the development of my country's financial leasing industry.
    In the process of economic globalization, my country, as the largest developing country, is a eternal issue to give full play to the potential of the domestic market. Vigorously developing the modern leasing industry is conducive to promoting investment, doing domestic demand, and accelerating the transformation of enterprise technology. Give full play to the investment and financing functions of financial leasing companies, which is conducive to driving social investment, changing the serious "credit" of corporate fixed asset investment, and excessively relying on bank conditions. It is conducive to the commercialization of banks. The leasing industry is conducive to cooperating with positive fiscal policies, changing the method of investment in fiscal funds, and expanding the multiple effect of fiscal investment. The development of leasing sales and medium- and long -term operation leasing are conducive to accelerating reforms in the field of circulation, and establishing and improving operating carriers and distribution systems based on financial leasing as a marketing method. The development of the leasing business is conducive to the promotion and application of high -tech and equipment. The large number of financial leasing methods to develop a large amount of financial lease in the mobile communications industry is the best proof. Actively develop manufacturers as a professional equipment leasing company, carry out small equipment leasing promotion, second -hand equipment leasing, which is conducive to revitalizing existing assets, giving play to the role of idle assets The development of small and medium -sized enterprises and non -public ownership economies.
    At present, the organizational structure of my country's leasing industry is very imperfect. Financial leasing as a circulation carrier has not yet opened up. Non -financial institutions' leasing companies cannot legally engage in financial leasing business. The number of leasing companies is small, the scale is small, and it is far from adapting to the needs of the market. Some financial leasing companies and Chinese and foreign joint venture leasing companies have been difficult to operate for their poor asset conditions for various reasons. Some shareholders intend to withdraw their operations and transfer their equity, and some companies are ready to liquidate. The existing leasing enterprise asset reorganization tasks are arduous. The theoretical research of financial leasing is seriously lagging behind, and serious deficiencies in professionals will also seriously affect the development of the leasing industry. The financial leasing industry has developed a turning point in a turn of new and old, survival of fittest, asset reorganization, and rectification.
    Is will accelerate the pace of opening up in the field of financial services in my country. More foreign investors and multinational companies will intervene in my country's financial leasing industry. The further entry of foreign capital, while injecting new vitality into my country's leasing industry, the domestic leasing industry will face severe challenges. At the same time, the legal environment and business environment of my country's modern rental industry is further improved. In order to expand domestic demand and accelerate the technological reform, the manufacturing and circulation industry requires the establishment of a financial leasing company to promote the intensive demand for equipment sales. The promulgation of accounting standards has generally developed new business forms such as the sales of sales, leverage leasing, sales leasing, and medium- and long -term operation leasing. The implementation of the new accounting law, the further standardized operations of various intermediaries make the disclosure of corporate information more open and transparent. The reform of state -owned enterprises will be further deepened. The modern enterprise system will be established. The vigorous development of mixed ownership and non -public -owned enterprises will provide a large number of potential customers for the financial leasing industry. Banks generally implement loan credit quota management, which will allow more companies to take financial leasing as an important funding channel for investment in fixed assets. With the deepening of the reform of the financial industry, the communication channels between the currency market and other capital markets will become increasingly unblocked. The state has increased its support for the use of foreign investment and high -tech development. The financial leasing industry will further play in the introduction of foreign investment, accelerating equipment renewal, avoiding old risks of equipment, and expanding market share. Some leasing companies have rejuvenated vitality through asset reorganization and shares transfer, providing new investors with a successful experience of low -cost entry in the leasing industry. my country's financial leasing industry has faced unprecedented new development opportunities.
    After 20 years of reform and opening up, my country's financial leasing industry has obtained a lot of valuable lessons and has laid the foundation for further rapid development. In recent years, many large multinational companies have been involved in the leasing industry, which fully illustrates the continuous improvement of the investment environment in my country. The leasing market and customer group with huge potential have great attractions to foreign investors. Although my country's leasing industry has faced many difficulties, after entering the WTO, further opening up in the field of financial trade services has brought new development opportunities to the development of my country's leasing industry. The development prospects of China's leasing industry are broad and business opportunities are unlimited!
    In order to welcome the challenges and opportunities facing, my country's leasing industry should first grasp the following tasks:
    (1) Accelerate the internal opening of the financial leasing industry, improve the construction of the leasing industry organization system
    countries should encourage different ownership of production and circulation companies to invest in different -scale special rental companies. Form your own industry team as soon as possible. The sources of funds of these leasing companies can only be investment shareholders' investment or bank borrowing, and shall not engage in any other financial businesses. The financial leasing business is financial and trade. Therefore, it is not appropriate to simply define the financial lease as a financial business that can only be engaged in business. At present, the leasing company of the manufacturing and circulation departments can only engage in the rental service of equipment and currency because it fails to obtain a legal status of financial leasing. At present, foreign manufacturers can set up a joint venture leasing company in China to use financial leasing as a marketing method to promote their products, and it is obviously unreasonable that domestic companies have not obtained legal business position. After joining the WTO, my country's financial leasing industry is further open to the outside world. How to make a traditional one -handed payment and one -hand delivery marketing method of sales or sales companies in the domestic manufacturing industry, how to compete with foreign counterparts supported by modern marketing systems and financial services. Intersection
    The existing Chinese and foreign joint venture rental companies. At present, some foreign investors are optimistic about the huge rental market in our country. They are not satisfied with seeking way for their funds, and they also hope to use their strong capital strength to provide financing services for their sales and products produced in their own or my country. Facing the new situation of the joint financial leasing industry, it should be allowed and encouraged to encourage existing Chinese and foreign joint venture leasing companies to get rid of the dilemma through debt restructuring, equity restructuring, merging acquisition, capital increase and expansion, and stabilize the joint venture leasing team. The joint venture leasing company should be allowed to use foreign capital to carry out domestic equipment leasing. The foreign exchange management department shall strictly strictly register the foreign debt registration of Sino -foreign joint venture leasing companies and the transfer registration of the lessee, and shall not allow the capital to settle the capital into RMB without authorization without approved, or there is no contract to purchase RMB foreign exchange for exchange. Encourage Chinese and foreign joint venture leasing companies to loans from domestic banks for domestic equipment leasing. The opening of the domestic equipment leasing market for the joint venture leasing company can make the foreign -funded leasing industry a new growth point of positive, effective and reasonable introduction of foreign capital, and make new contributions to the circulation of domestic industrial equipment and to promote the normal operation of the national economy.
    Hasing opportunities and reviving financial leasing companies. Financial leasing companies have begun to increase capital and share capital and expansion in accordance with the provisions of the "Administrative Measures for the Financial Leasing Company" issued by the People's Bank of China, and the progress is good. Rental enterprises that are diversified and conforming to the modern enterprise system have begun to establish. According to the specific situation of individual companies, the People's Bank of China formulates some policies to help leasing companies resolve risks, reduce burdens, and make them lightly. Shenzhen Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. was successfully reorganized by San Jiu Group. It is a successful example. It is necessary to seize the favorable opportunity of further opening up in the financial field, attract foreign investment, and reorganize and reorganize the existing financial leasing companies. Give full play to the advantages of sufficient funding sources and advanced management experience, actively carry out leasing business, revive financial leasing companies, and make the leasing industry of financial institutions a dominant force for my country's financial leasing industry.
    (2) Stimulating the management system and strengthening industry management.
    Due to the management system and other reasons, my country has not yet straightened the management system for the financial leasing industry, affecting the healthy development of the leasing industry. In conjunction with the actual situation of my country's current economic management system, the State Council determines that a comprehensive management department (such as the State Economic and Trade Commission or the People's Bank of China) as the competent authority is uniformly managed, and the National Leasing Association (financial leasing company and joint venture leasing company industry will be established. The association can participate in group members), promulgate unified industry self -discipline management measures, strengthen industry management, and standardize self -discipline. Leasing companies of financial institutions, Sino -foreign joint venture leasing companies, and leasing companies that specialize in the production or circulation departments engaged in financial leasing are approved by the People's Bank of China, the Ministry of Economic and Trade, and the Economic and Trade Commission. Clarify the legal status of various types of leasing companies and equality. The leasing company uses foreign exchange leasing business to use foreign exchange leasing business in accordance with national regulations and is supervised by the State Regulations. The RMB rental business is subject to the principle of the guidance of the loan guidance of the People's Bank of China. Supporting policies
    The training and publicity of lease accounting standards should be increased. The current financial leasing business carried out in my country is still a typical financial leasing for the purpose of the lessee purchase. In order to avoid the risk of equipment for equipment, or for the needs of financial accounting and funding, the operating lease that can obtain medium- and long -term financing has never been carried out normally. The Ministry of Finance promulgated the implementation of the lease accounting standards in February 2001. With this criterion, it has specific standards that distinguish between financial leasing and operating leasing. It will play a positive role in promoting the innovation and development of the leasing industry for different types of leasing business.
    The fiscal and taxation policy for supporting the development of the leasing industry should be formulated as soon as possible, and different tax policies should be formulated for fusion leasing, medium- and long -term operating leasing and short -term rental services. Promote the healthy development of financial leasing and medium- and long -term operating leasing business. According to industrial policies, enterprises have adopted financial leasing to make technological reforms, and they should be deducted all or part of the income tax with rent. The use of foreign equipment to purchase domestic equipment can be exempted from rental taxes. Supply manufacturers can handle foreign exchange settlement and enjoy export tax refund. The guidance principle of the leasing industry loan is formulated, and the use of foreign -funded purchase of domestic equipment leasing exports shall be given credit support. Study and formulate management measures for leasing companies to issue bonds or listing to solve the source of funds for leasing companies.
    (4) Establishing a risk system for the leasing industry
    The relevant government departments should clearly stipulate the investment entities and market access rules of different types of leasing companies on the basis of summing up the development experience and lessons of my country's leasing industry. Increase the amount of capital registration, and formulate the proportion of asset -liability proportion according to different types of leasing companies. The financial leasing industry should enter the corporate credit information network of the financial system to establish a contract registration system in response to the financial leasing business and the medium- and long -term operating leasing business to prevent credit fraud. The leasing industry should formulate employee standards, strengthen business training, and improve personnel quality. It should cooperate with SME credit guarantee agencies and insurance institutions to launch different types of rental credit guarantee insurance business. The leasing company shall establish and improve the company's internal project evaluation and risk prevention system. The leasing industry should cooperate in various types of intermediary organizations to improve the leasing industry withdrawal mechanism (such as establishing various types of asset management companies, equipment property rights and equipment auction trading markets).
    (5) Strengthening the research and publicity of the theory and practice of financial leasing
    The flexibility and adaptability of the financial leasing itself, for decades, the theory and practice of financial leasing have been continuously developing Innovation, my country's research and propaganda in this area is far from enough. It is only 1,000 professionals who have been engaged in financial leasing for a long time. Professional theoretical workers are even more rare. Most of the business practice of financial leasing and the publicity of financial leasing also stayed in the international understanding of financial leasing in the 1980s.
    In the face of the WTO, the relevant authorities, colleges, financial and economic theory research departments, and business circles are cultivating their own financial leasing experts through various channels and methods, actively carrying out international exchanges, strengthening the leasing of financial assets leasing Practice and theoretical research. Vigorously strengthen the popularization of financial lease theory and practice, and strengthen the training and improvement of existing professionals. Practitioners of financial leasing, especially leaders, must be compound talents with many aspects such as finance, trade, fiscal, taxation, accounting, law, project evaluation, etc. The competition between the leasing industry will be the competition of this composite talent. Essence Strengthening theoretical research and talent training is the key to whether my country's leasing industry can welcome the challenge after entering the WTO.
    The modern leasing industry represented by financial leasing is both an emerging investment and financing channel, but also an indispensable sales model in the modern marketing system. The resource allocation, management, and re -manufacturing and utilization center of some equipment. The rise of economic globalization and the new economy provides a broad stage for the development and innovation of the modern rental industry. The development of the leasing industry can make greater contributions to the development of China's economy in the 21st century!

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