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  1. The following two models are pretty good to find customer software:
    1, Ji Zhiyun's one -stop intelligent marketing solution, solve user marketing pain points, and provide enterprises with comprehensive services for private domain construction, private domain operations, and private domain marketing. Essence Intelligent Tukeke, business opportunities, clues, intelligent recommendations, condition search, map extension, detailed corporate data, customized development, multi -dimensional data search for 2000 million enterprise data.
    2, Plane APP, no skills can develop accurate high -quality customers. Based on the geographical location of the Pavilion APP, it is accurately developing high -quality customers.

  2. It is still a little more useful for the Tuocke Software of Huijongke App now. The function is very practical. The source of the customer found is very accurate. It is also the mobile phone app operation, which is convenient for collecting the follow -up tracking of the customer source. The software also comes with a series of marketing functions. Let the salesperson improve work efficiency and increase sales success rates.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the current market competition is fierce. Software sales staff should pay attention to everyone who is associated with products or services and strive to be their potential customers. At the same time, the potential customers of the opponent must be evaluated and classified, focusing on follow -up and maintenance of customers with strong demand, purchasing power, and decision -making power. Sales staff can refer to the following channels of excavating potential customers: 1. Online search for sales staff without targets. Finding customers on the Internet is the best choice. You can search for some information on the Internet through some commercial websites. Essence You can search for keywords on search engines, such as Baidu, Google, Yahoo, etc. And the same keywords will have different results on different search engines, so do not fix the use of a search engine. In addition, since there are industry websites in each industry, you can go to the industry website to search with keywords, such as: a certain industry association, so you can see the list of members in related industries. 2. Use various chat software sales staff to use various chat software to find potential customers, such as QQ, WeChat and other chat software, enter some sales groups and software groups, exchange experiences with each other, and can exchange customer resources when necessary. Or enter some shopping groups, knowledge learning groups, etc.n3. Ask the company's seniors that you can ask the company's senior sales with an open mind. They have formed a set of their own sales processes based on years of sales experience. They can communicate with their predecessors and identify the target customer group of the product. 4. Platform promotion software companies must be good at promoting software products of enterprises with various network platforms. If the products are not seen, it is useless to do well. For example: Douyin, Weibo, e -commerce live broadcast, today's headlines and other platforms, interested customers will take the initiative to consult. 5. Report software companies can find customers through the introduction of old customers or information provided. As long as the relationship with old customers is maintained and the brand loyalty of the old customers will be increased, the old customers will naturally introduce the brand to their side with them. Demand partners to achieve word -of -mouth fission.

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