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  1. The latest ranking of waterproof coatings, the latest ranking of Kobasi waterproof coatings, high waterproof coatings, Hongyuan waterproof coatings, Westka waterproof coatings, Marbei's waterproof coatings, Zhuo Bao waterproof coatings, and so on. It is recommended that Koshun's waterproof coatings. Koshun has focused on waterproof for 25 years, and has a good reputation inside and outside the industry.

    This of the top ten brands is Kushun waterproof coatings. Cosun specializes in the development, manufacturing, product marketing, technical consulting and waterproof construction of construction, manufacturing, product marketing, technical consulting and waterproofing. It is a national high -tech enterprise. For example, Koshun's KS-965 water-based polyurethane waterproof coatings:
    product specifications: 20kg/barrel execution standard: Q/SDKS 087-2020 "Water-based polyurethane waterproof coating", water-based single-group polyurethane waterproof coatings are dispersed with water-based polyurethane dispersed The body is the main raw material, and the fillers and other auxiliary agents are prepared. After volatilization of water, the molecular chain between the scattered particles spreads each other to form a layer of seamless, adhesive, overall and elastic, and tough waterproof glue film. coating.

    wants to know more about waterproof paint related information, and recommend consulting Cosun family waterproof. Kushun Family Waterproof is a brand owned by Koshun's wholly -owned holding company Koshun Minjian Co., Ltd., with strong strength. The product covers waterproof coatings, tile glue, beauty sewing, reinforcement, coils, putty and other categories. Kushun family waterproof is committed to creating home improvement kitchen, bathroom, exterior wall, balcony, roof and pool. Professionally solve the problem of waterproof paving in each area of ​​the family. Check the future waterproof market dividend

  2. Waterproof brand Yilande is one of the top ten brands of waterproof coatings. High -tech enterprises dedicated to building waterproof materials are the research and development of professional building waterproof and decorative materials. Environmental protection standards, affordable and good performance. There is also one of the top ten brands of waterproofing in Hongyuan. Hongyuan's establishment company and 1996, large scale, professional waterproof supplier. There is a good market foundation in China.

  3. 1 Oriental Yuhong (China's well -known trademark, engineering waterproof nationwide, family waterproof is a front -line brand, Beijing Oriental Yuhong Defense

    Water Technology Co., Ltd.) Waterproof the first listed company.
    2 Degao (founded in 1883, is the earliest well -known brand in the world's application chemistry field in the world of polymer waterproof coatings,
    3 Ochi Company.)
    4 Han Gao (originated in 1876, well -known brand in the world of application chemistry,)
    5 Sika (Swiss Sika Sika was founded in 1910, the world's leading construction chemical materials supplier)
    6 State high -tech enterprises that integrate construction waterproof materials for building waterproof materials, Guangdong Keshun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. The largest manufacturer in the field, Mabezhuo Building Materials Co., Ltd.)
    8 Black Panther (famous Chinese brand, Shenzhen famous brand, Shenzhen Golden Black Leopard Waterproof Material Co., Ltd.)
    9 Zhuo Bao (China Famous Trademark, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China The leading building waterproof material supplier, Shenzhen Zhuobao Technology Co., Ltd.)
    10 Garberry (CCEL China Environmental Labeling Certification, Chinese Famous Brand Enterprise)
    The "folk ranking" relatively speaking, these companies are also more famous in the waterproof industry

    , and they also have a great influence in the market, so this ranking is also more accepted by the public.

  4. 1. Changsha Gulai Building Materials Co., Ltd. (Gulai Waterproof Coating)
    Gori Building Materials has been engaged in the building materials industry for many years, and has been focusing on product research and development and production. In order to enable customers to have a better product experience, it has been continuously developed and updated. , It has multiple subsidiaries. The company's marketing network is spread across the country. It has established several major channels such as home improvement retail, decoration companies, and engineering. The three -dimensional marketing model has been established. Wait for multiple countries and regions.
    2, Shanghai Yuegang Building Materials Co., Ltd. (Yuegang Waterproof Coatings)
    In Shanghai Yuegang Building Materials is a company that focuses on waterproof coatings. The company has professional production equipment and production teams. In order to present better products, the company has been working hard, learning and improvement.
    3, Beijing Dongfang Yuhong Waterproof Co., Ltd. (Yuhong Waterproof Paint)
    Beijing Dongfang Yuhong Waterproof Co., Ltd. is a company that mainly pushed waterproof coating products. After slowly developing, the company's products are also increasing continuously Including waterproof coatings, tile adhesives and other products. Yuhong waterproof has a certain influence across the country. At present, Yuhong's agents have spread all over the country.
    4, Guangzhou Tiberbel Building Materials Co., Ltd. (Tiberbeel Waterproof Coating)
    The development of new types of environmentally friendly waterproof materials and environmentally friendly tile adhesives and dried powder mortar in Guangzhou Large -scale enterprises in production and sales. Introduce advanced automated production lines and manufacturing, experiments and testing equipment, and comprehensively implement advanced ERP system management, realize the automation and standardization of the production control system, and comprehensively ensure high starting points and high -quality production.
    5, Degao (Guangzhou) Building Materials Co., Ltd. (Digao Waterproof Coatings)
    Dao (Guangzhou) Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned dry mortar leading company-French Parex Group's wholly-owned enterprise designed in China Essence Entering China for more than 20 years, relying on innovative technology, reliable quality and intimate services, German waterproof, tile glue, putty, gap, technical mortar, ingenious craftsman tools, Xikami sealing and other products have won the trust of the majority of users. Word of mouth products.
    6. Hunan Xilifa Building Materials Co., Ltd. (Silo Cafe Waterproof Paint)
    The Hunan Xilifang Tile Tile Backing Company is located in Changsha, Hunan. It is a new company specializing in waterproof building materials. For precipitation, the company has also developed other products, such as tile back glue, tile glue, and leakage series. With the continuous development of the company, more and more people know, and professionals from all walks of life have given praise.
    7, Shanghai Niuyuan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. (Niu Yuan Waterproof Coating)
    Niu Yuan is a modern building materials waterproof enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and construction of waterproof coatings and tile supporting series of products. The headquarters and R

  5. The top ten brands of waterproof coatings include Hongyan art coatings, Oriental Yuhong, and Kushun. Buying waterproof coatings, recommended art coatings shell pure pulp, is Hongyan's exclusive patented product, ultra -hardness, cracking, harder and antibacterial than iron, simple and anti -bacteria, simple construction, large -scale construction, diverse craftsmanship, diverse effects, diverse effects It is very convenient to live, environmentally friendly green, is to live, and it is very convenient.

    The advantages of waterproof coatings are: 1. Easy to construct: Waterproof coatings are easy to construct, and can be directly constructed on dry or humid base surfaces, which will not be affected and the bonding power is still strong. The polymer substances in the waterproof coatings can also penetrate into the seam of the base surface, which shows that the follow -up type is strong. 2. Good environmental adaptability: Waterproof coatings are a more common coating in architectural decoration, and have good environmental adaptability. When contacting the humidity in the air, it will be curing, so that the surface of the base layer will form a seamless overall anti -membrane. 3. High tensile strength: The coating film in waterproof coatings has high tensile strength and strong flexibility. Even if the grassroots have cracking and telescopic conditions, they will not be affected, so their adaptability is strong.
    This art water paint launched a computer color mixing function, which can call out the color that the user likes, and can give professional color matching suggestions. Hongyan Art Water paint also has a professional team custom coating scheme, providing 361 ° services.

    wants to learn more about waterproof coatings, and recommend consulting Hongyan art paint. The service concept of Hongyan art coatings is to solve customers' difficulties as the most priority; and provide high -quality service support for each customer. Including activities to assist in the site, store operations to store training, sales lag tracking, etc., etc., it provides decoration solutions; it is centered on customer problems "to solve problems for customers.

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