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  1. The ten most popular industries in the future 2022 is the robot industry, fashion editing, environmental protection industry, new energy industry, retail industry, glasses manufacturing and sales industry, insurance industry, logistics express industry, tourism industry, smart home.
    1. The robot industry
    The domestic industrial robot enterprise is relatively competitive and the domestic market share is very low. In 2015, the sales volume of robots in China in Japan, German KUKA and other companies in China rose more than 100%. A number of international leading robot manufacturers who have not yet established factories in China are also brewing in China.
    The domestic industrial robot manufacturing companies are relatively weak, and the market share is not high. Among them, the development of old companies such as Shenyang Xintong is relatively good, and it has a certain comparative advantageous industrial robot consisting of four major parts.
    2, fashion editor
    The fashion industry is in the ascendant, all kinds of fashion media are booming, and fashion editors have also become rookies among media practitioners. More importantly, the "fashion" itself will not be outdated in any era. People's pursuit of beauty and art will never stop, especially in this era of material rich material. beauty of.
    3. Environmental protection industry
    The environmental protection industry is an emerging industry; it is the development of environmental protection; the technical support and material foundation of sustainable development; An important means to build a well -off society; to expand domestic demand, absorb new growth points in the development of employment and the development of the national economy; it is a contemporary rising industry.
    4, new energy industry
    data shows that in 2014, global coal, petroleum and natural gas proven reserves can only be exploited for 110, 53, and 54 years, respectively. In addition, fossil energy consumption emits 32 billion tons of carbon dioxide each year, 120 million tons of sulfur dioxide, and 100 million tons of nitrogen oxides, bringing serious environmental pollution and climate change.
    5, retail
    The retail industry market is very broad. It should also be regarded as the hottest O2O project. With the development of China's economy, people's living standards have improved, and the Internet era is becoming more and more developed. Regardless of whether It is a faster development in the future retail industry of offline and offline, and with the preference of people's preference for personalized products, the future development business opportunities of the retail industry will be very large and very broad.
    6, the glasses manufacturing and sales industry
    The elderly people in China have exceeded 130 million, and the 42 -year -old people have begun to be old. More than 320 million people have more than 320 million people, and 90%of these people need glasses.
    The college students in China are more than 20 million, of which at least 80%of them need glasses. And a person's demand for glasses is more than one, coupled with the fragile products, the damage and update rate is very high. Statistics in the glasses industry show that China's demand for glasses is about 500 million yuan each year, and its annual transactions exceed 50 billion yuan.
    7. Insurance industry
    Make insurance companies abroad have invested in the Chinese insurance market. In the future, insurance industry will become one of the best choices for young people's "starting to start".
    8. The logistics express industry
    2015 Electronic Commercial Hair Exhibition set a new high, online consumption set a Guinness World Record, convenient online shopping, rich international and domestic resources, Taobao Tmall Jingdong and other e -commerce impact on Chinese people , Make the volume of logistics and transportation innovation high, the logistics of logistics, the loss of parcels, and the accumulation of express materials are required to alleviate the bad market
    9, the tourism industry
    in recent years, in recent years, The improvement of living standards has been further improved, the improvement of tourism conditions, and the enthusiasm of Chinese people's enthusiasm for tourism. At the same time, the enthusiasm for investment in the tourism industry in the tourism industry is high, which also reflects the huge development potential of the tourism industry in China. In general, my country's domestic tourism market has a broad prospect and great demand potential. At the same time, it is also a big opportunity for practitioners in tourism -related industries.
    10, smart home
    statistical data shows that smart home appliances have potential customers in China, especially young people who are pursuing quality of life. Potential customer base. According to data estimates, the output value of smart home appliances in 2015 will reach 125 billion yuan. In 2020, it may break through the 1. trillion yuan, becoming the fastest part of the home appliance industry, with a broad prospect and huge market potential.

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