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  1. 1. Cablofil Cabfi:
    Cablofil, located in Paris, is one of the branches of the Roger Group in France. As the world's number one network format metal bridge brand, Kabefi has obtained the most certified bridge through testing and obtaining the most certified bridge. Essence Its open structure makes ventilation the best and the fastest heat dissipation. Compared to the wire groove, the bracket saves 37%.
    . Obress Electric:
    founded in 1911 Germany, under OBO Group, the world's leading cutting -edge electronic technology product manufacturer, Obress Electric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd..
    three, Dongguan Wenxing:
    The main products are: wire grooves, cable steel bridge frames, cable aluminum alloy bridges, bus tanks, steel pipes, distribution boxes, hardware accessories, hardware accessories. "Famous Brand of Guangdong Province".
    . Mitter Changmei Special Bridge Co., Ltd.:
    one of the largest cable bridge professional production bases with larger/most processing capabilities in China, larger nuclear safety cable bridge supplier, Xuchang Meitqiao Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd..
    . Taifeng TAIF Beijing Taifeng Electric Co., Ltd.:
    Beijing Taifeng Electric Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of the bridge, passed a number of certifications, with a series of production from professional design, processing and manufacturing to installation facilities Service capabilities, enterprises focusing on aluminum alloy bare lines and cable bridges.

  2. 1. Cablofil Kabfiforigon (Shanghai Regional) Management Co., Ltd. (Grid Bridge Manufacturer)
    Cablofil, headquartered in Paris, is one of the branches of the Roger Group in France. The metal bridge brand of the network format has been committed to the research and development and promotion of the network format bridge since 1972 to the present. It is the bridge that has obtained the most certification through testing and obtaining certification through testing and promotion.
    . Aubbao Obress Electric Co., Ltd. (grid, cable bridge manufacturer)
    Founded in 1911, the German OBO Group, the world's leading cutting -edge electronic technology product manufacturer.
    three, Dongguan Wenxing (Baiye Wenxing) Dongguan Wenxing Steel Tube Bridge Co., Ltd.
    manufacturers of large metal wire grooves and cable bridge cable pipes and accessories are located in the Pearl River Delta area of ​​Guangdong Excellent location and convenient transportation. The main products are: wire grooves, cable steel bridge frames, cable aluminum alloy bridges, bus grooves, steel pipes, power distribution boxes, power distribution cabinets, and hardware accessories.
    . Mitter mayon Changmei Special Bridge Co., Ltd. (cable bridge manufacturer)
    one of the largest cable bridge professional production bases in the country, the largest nuclear safety -level cable bridge supplier.
    Extension information:
    The purchase precautions:

    . First understand whether the cable bridge production manufacturer has production capacity, whether it can provide model, product inspection report, product qualification certificate, etc. Qualification certificates such as.
    . It is necessary to count the number, width, height, and material of the number of cable bridges, so that cable bridge manufacturers provide accurate
    quotation. Because these parameters are not counted, cable bridge manufacturers cannot give quotes. The price of raw materials is large, with many specifications, and different materials will affect the price of cable bridges.
    . Building the craftsmanship of the material bridge carefully, the noodles cannot be twisted, black spots, rust, and paint. And go to the field to inspect the scale and supply capacity of the cooperative factories.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Bridge

  3. You need to pay attention to the following points when you choose galvanized bridge manufacturers:
    1. Be sure to indicate the actual thickness of the board to avoid problems during the inspection and acceptance of the supervision. At present, this industry is fiercely competitive. Under the situation of micro -profit
    , in order to avoid providing unqualified products for reputation manufacturers to rush well and earn benefits, we must pay attention to the thickness of the board. According to the actual thickness of the national
    The actual thickness of the home iron plate, the error range of the country allows between -0.1mm.
    2. The supply cycle. In order to receive the order, the supply cycle promised by the manufacturer in general. In order to rush the work period, the production of fire -proof paint needs to be sprayed. Sending it to the construction site, plus the human factors at the time of delivery will cause a large area to paint. At your applied
    At the end of the work, the bridge has a full face, so it must be guaranteed to ensure the construction period under the premise of ensuring quality.
    . The price of attachments is the easiest to be ignored. In the entire contract, the proportion of attachments is also very large, but these additional materials are generally produced by manufacturers. It is a professional manufacturer sent to the manufacturer. Some manufacturers are added to customers with high profits.
    Therefore, the price of the attachment must be compared.
    The above -mentioned problems that are prone to occur in the sales session. I hope to help your purchases. In the era of almost micro -profit,
    manufacturers should rely on open source and throw Production costs, not carefully designed traps to earn benefits
    . The era of huge profits of cables has ended. Whoever understands this will be eliminated first in a new round of competition.

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