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  1. In addition to sending red envelopes, some people responded, and almost no one spoke.

    Every time you finish the class, the students just come to ask questions, without other speeches.

    top of these situations, do you often encounter it? This is when I am operating a 21 -day community operation training camp, I often see students confused about it. How to resolve these situations?

    This is mainly related to the activity of the community. When we go to some recruitment websites, we often see such a one when searching for the operation of the operation: it can ensure that the community has a certain degree of activity.

    It before how to improve activity, we need to clarify a question: Why do you want to improve the activity of the community?

    is it to complete the repurchase or improve the introduction rate? Only, first clarify the operating purpose, then disassemble the operation action, analyze, and then make adjustments, it will be more effective.

    It what is the most critical point to improve the activity of the community?

    The participation of students. Only when you give the students the value of exceeding expected, his participation will naturally increase. At the same time, the activity of the community has also increased.

    is not necessarily, whether the pursuit of activity is related to your community positioning. What does this community do? What do you want students to come to the community? What are you going to create a reward community? These problems are the direction of thinking.

    The students to connect 3-7 friends in the community. The more friends who have met, the higher the activity of the community. Why is this?

    because we first came to a strange environment, there will be a sense of insecurity, we dare not speak, share, etc. in this group. However, if the trainees connect 3-7 friends in a group, or even more than 7 friends, then when he speaks, someone will chat with himself.

    I. Like the students, because in a community, the more acquaintances, the higher the sense of security. This is why the students enter the group for the first time, and they must give the other party a sufficient sense of security.

    of course, while we improve the activity, we must learn to let students participate more, rather than do everything ourselves.

    , although the activity of the community can increase the conversion rate, but the group is not particularly active but there is a conversion. This is also there.

    1. Setting threshold

    has a threshold, which will be easier to find your own target users. Regardless of whether it is paid, writing an application, or recommending the students in the past, it is setting the threshold. Because of the threshold, students will trust this community more.

    It is not particularly large when the user scale is not particularly large, do you have to set the threshold like this? Will it affect user growth? This impact is not great. Now, there are many types of courses on the market.

    . If you do not set the threshold at all, in the later stage, there will be some resistance, especially for the community industry that operates heavy operations.

    2. Screening crowd

    What is the purpose of our setting threshold? It is to screen the crowd, choose their target users, and persuade some non -target users. Remove, I did not listen to it. Yes, persuasion, for people who do not belong to this community, people who have high expectations for the community are not suitable for entering this community.

    because people who do not meet the positioning of community positions are difficult to improve. This is not a simple tuition fee.

    3. Provide value

    For value, we all know that when the students have not entered the group in the early stage, they will investigate in some pre -class questions and answers, small investigations and other investigations, etc. Essence In the survey, we will understand what most students are expected.

    Is when we understand the expectations of the other party, we can give students something more than expected, which is also providing value. Note, do not give you what you feel good.

    4. Send red envelope

    regardless of whether you are entering the group for the first time, or if you want to ask your classmates questions, you can send red envelopes. In this way, both sides will have a win -win state. People who send red envelopes are always popular. I agree with this.

    5. Let the community have temperature and make users feel trust.

    If a community is just sharing dry goods, there is indeed no temperature. Because the community has the advantages of socializing, it can make the community more temperature through some actions. For example: engage in an interesting, simple and meaningful activity.

    6. We must continue to output content in the direction.

    Is in the community, let students share, engage in activities, etc. Regardless of whether you are sharing or activities, you must satisfy: its output direction is in line with community positioning, satisfying or even surpassing the value of users.

    includes the big coffees and teachers of the community. They must taste screening and organize the useful dry goods that are useful for students.

    7. Make the topic to improve the enthusiasm of group members.

    The topic is related to the positioning of the community and the expected harvest of students. What will be harvested and how to get it? These questions that can be considered when discussing related topics with students. We all know that the community has social attributes. This is an advantage that connects with students many times.

    For example: For those who learn community operations, I will ask: Is your self -introduction perfect? For friends who want to lose weight, I will ask: What exercise habits and diet habits do you usually have?

    8. Cultivate KOL to achieve community self -operation.

    What is KOL? Is the opinion leader. During our operation, we can find friends with strong enthusiasm and high participation and cultivate them as examples.

    . If you have some good examples in your community, then you are also cultivating KOL. With the help of KOL, you will respond when you issue an event notification. At the same time, for some questions of students, the example will also actively answer.

    9. Good communities have daily processes.

    Speaking of daily schedule, I first declare: Since each community has different positioning, each community has its own daily process. If you do the schedule every day, after a month, you can summarize and summarize it and sort out the operation of your own community.


    The online chat is not as good as online. Before, when I participated in the Nuggets, I would listen to the offline courses. After participating in offline activities, chatting with some students will be more deeply chatting online.

    11. Play games.

    Do you think playing games is a funeral or released nature?

    I personally think: it is release of nature. Because we will have a certain pressure in our work and life, then when we are playing games, we can completely put down our own pressure and relax.

    The game is just an auxiliary means, mainly based on providing value, and it will be better to play games as a supplement.


    We each have the needs of being seen, followed, and needed, including me. Learn to find the highlights of students and be good at spreading it, which is very helpful for operation. To exaggerate the students, learn to exaggerate the details, not simply: awesome, excellent words.

    because the details are moving, allowing students to obtain an internal driving force instead of external driving force in the community. If you choose a community for heavy operation, you boast every day. This frequency is just right. As for how many students boast, this is related to the number of your users.

    It is mainly to have in -depth connections with you and how many students. Only on the basis of depth connection, we can find that students' highlights and advantages will be more.

    , although there are many ways to improve activity, it is necessary to clarify a question before using any method: Why improve activity? ——In guide students to participate, it is very important.

    Only in this way, you can correctly express your thoughts in various scenarios of the community.

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