5 thoughts on “How can we add to many people's WeChat?”

  1. 1. When visiting the clothing store, you can ask the boss, do you sell your clothes on WeChat? Can I add you WeChat? This is convenient for me to choose clothes to buy, without having to run in your shop every time. The boss said that he didn't sell on WeChat, then we said. Then leave a QQ or WeChat your home, send me a message, I can bring my friends to choose it, you must leave his number, do not want her to leave you, so that people sometimes forget it I won't add you anymore. In this way, the general boss is willing to add you WeChat.

    2. When you are shopping, you will see very good clothing stores, beauty salons, beauty shops, nail shops and restaurants as long as the recruitment advertisement of the store, as long as there is a phone call, you will add him. Canadian talks: Is there a preferential event recently in your store?

    3. Add groups with large number of people. After entering, add them one by one.

    4. There are many places and gourmet groups on Weibo. First enter the group and then look at the members in the group. There is a green point representing him online, you can pay attention directly, and then add WeChat. The plus people described: Weibo is the sea, and acquaintance is fate. There are also attention to celebrities. Generally, there are many fans of the stars. On Weibo, you can watch ten pages of fans who follow the celebrities. One by one can add her and talk about: I am also a fan of *** and share his latest news. After adding Weiyou, then Baidu searched for the latest news of this star to send her.

    5. Entering Baidu Video, Youku.com, iQiyi and other websites to watch the most popular TV, movies, variety show comments on the most popular TV, movie, variety shows, and interact with the commentators.

    6. You can turn on your mobile phone communication recording. In this way, you usually add a hundred people at once, these are the people you know. I will not refuse you.

    7. Add your QQ friend and tell the other party who you are.

    8. You can go to Taobao to search for the products sold on the same day and ask the WeChat of the person who sells the sales volume. If you sell well, don't care about you. Add people to tell you: teach you Taobao experience, share each other, or in other words. How about your product, I have a detailed understanding of WeChat.

    9. Resource sharing method. Ask your friends to provide you with a number of people with skin care. Ask a friend to ask the company's address book, add one by one, leave a message, my colleague/friend introduced. A address book is hundreds of people, and the number of friends has increased instantly. This method varies from person to person, and can also be paid sharing.

  2. 1. You are referring to VX, there are many softwares that can be used
    2, you can find agents
    3, you can find friends to give you some groups, adding friends directly, it is faster

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