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  1. Now people's lives are becoming more and more elegant and more particular. The decoration in the family now, especially the place where the face washed, is even more beautiful. There are many brands on the market on the market. The more famous arrow cards, Farnesha, Vicotao, etc. The advantages of the bathrooms of different brands are different. When we choose the bathroom, we must choose the brand to compare the brand comparison OK. Today, I will introduce to you what brand of sanitary ware bathrooms is good. Everyone must listen carefully.

    What brand of sanitary ware bathrooms is good
    Wenzhou Ouda Sanitary Walm Co., Ltd. is a bathroom cabinet, shower room, shower, faucet, sanitary ware, faucet and other products. The limited liability company, the company's headquarters is located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, and Wenzhou Oda Sanitary Walm Co., Ltd. has a complete and scientific quality management system. Wenzhou Oda Sanitary Walm Co., Ltd. has been recognized by the industry's integrity, strength and product quality.

    Shun Jie
    This Shun Jie Health Jie Limited Company is a subsidiary of Ningbo Shunjie Health Dalm (affiliated to Yuyao Tong Group); the company is a professional production and operation "Shun Jiejie "Professional manufacturer of automatic use of automatic use of the entire computer. With an annual production capacity of 150,000 full -computer cleansing toilet, the product has obtained a number of national patents.
    HON Fortune Film
    For luck sanitary ware was established on March 20, 2010. It mainly operates: love wife, kitchen and bathroom appliances, Guangya bathroom-China Well-known trademarks, Chinese water conservation certification, Chinese Olympic engineering dedicated product. Australia and New Man bathroom-Chinese famous brands, water-saving environmental protection products, top ten national quality brands, green ceramic recommended products, and Jiejie bathroom.

    Omeou brand is one of the most familiar bathroom brands in the world. After years of development, it has now become the symbol of the highest bathroom product. Provide a comfortable and perfect bathroom home experience, the most direct touching people's longing for elegant life quality, and the first time the technology products are the "slogan of technology to create a healthy bathroom" as the home concept;
    Kohler bathroom r
    Thile bathroom is the oldest brand in history. It was established in the United States in the United States as early as the previous 1980s and was introduced to China. For more than a hundred years of development, the Kohler Sanitary Ware still stands still, constantly innovating, and continuous growth. Now it is the leading brand of the bathroom and sanitary ware industry.

    The above is what brand of sanitary ware and sanitary ware introduced by Xiaobian. Xiaobian introduced five brands. These five brands are relatively high in the bathroom industry. In addition, Xiaobian just introduces these brands briefly. If you want to know more about these brands, you can also check this knowledge on the Internet. In the end, Xiaobian will tell you that when you buy a bathroom, you must choose a well -known brand, otherwise, the later use will be very bad.

  2. Buying bathroom sanitary ware cannot only pay attention to the choice of brand. You should also master the following selection points in order to buy high -quality bathroom sanitary ware:

    1. There are more than one bathroom and sanitary ware. To allow all accessories and parts of the sanitary ware to be at the same level, the shape and style of supporting products need to be consistent, so as to make the bathroom look more beautiful.

    2. Determine the drainage method and installation size of the toilet. The toilet usually has two types of drainage methods, which are drainage and rear drainage. In the method, choose the appropriate installation size according to the drainage method. The toilet of the lower drainage needs to measure the distance between the toilet drainage outlet center from the wall. Install.

    3, when buying bathroom sanitary ware, check and judge the appearance quality, see if there is a cracking product, you can gently tap and listen to whether the sound is crisp. If the sound is hoarse, then there may be exist Cracks should be checked carefully.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer to introduce the domestic brand bathroom ranking, I hope to help you. 1: Jiu Mu Sanitary Ware was founded in 1990. The mid -range price. The main strong products are hardware faucets and shower series, followed by toilet. 2: Wounded in 1994, the mid -range price is founded. The main strength products include the ceramic sanitary ware series such as toilet. 3: Hengjie bathroom was founded in 1998. The mid -range price is focused on the research and development of overall bathroom products. The toilet, bathroom cabinet, faucet, etc. are good. 4: In 1982, Huida Sanitary Wood was founded. The mid -range price and core products include toilet and other ceramic cleansing. They are important sanitary ware brands in the north. 5: Dongpeng's overall bathroom was founded in 1994. The mid -range price is very famous. In fact, the bathroom is also its advantageous category, especially ceramic cleansing such as squatting pits, toilets. 6: Anwar Health Bath inheritance and pioneering and innovating spirit, not only the tiles are well made, but also focused on high -quality bathrooms and supporting products ceramic sanitary fixtures, acrylic bathtubs, surfing tanks, shower rooms, steam rooms, solid wood bathroom cabinets, PVC PVC Bathroom cabinets, all -bronze chrome -plated faucet, stainless steel basin and hardware pendant and other complete supporting products. 7: Emperor Sanitary Ware Sichuan Emperor was established in 1994. Its biggest advantage is the models and color facilities of the three major pieces of acrylic bathtubs, bathroom cabinets, and toilets. In particular, the colorful acrylic is used to traditional bathtubs, which enriches product vision. Sanitary wares such as shower rooms, shower, shower, bath football, faucet, pendant and other sanitary ware. 8: Ou Lusha Sanitary Wound was founded in 1998. The mid -to -high -end price, the leader of domestic smart toilets and bathroom cabinet bathroom products. 9: Whale whale bathroom was founded in 1994, medium and high -end prices. The core advantages are massage tanks, steam rooms, shower rooms, etc. 10: The core products of Dubphini bathroom Diffney are toilets, squats, noodle -wash, bathroom cabinets. Followed by hardware and casual bathrooms.

  4. I chose Dabai's bathroom, which is very hot in the past two years. Don't look at the new brand, but the quality and quality are very high

  5. Which brand in bathroom supplies is good

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