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  1. In the credit industry, there is such a special group that is the target of blocking channels for major loan channels. This group is often called "loan users". Now, many loan users want to loans through WeChat and find a loan user WeChat loan platform. Here I will introduce the real situation of WeChat loans.
    The loan platforms in WeChat are many, but the regular loan platform has its own risk control system, which has certain requirements for the credit of the borrower. Therefore, the loan user WeChat loan platform does not exist at all.
    For loan users, there is only one way to go to credit loans, that is: strive to improve credit and choose a platform with low thresholds to apply for small loans.
    Baidu has money Huazun Enjoyment Loan
    Mun Enjoyment Loan is a long -term credit loan owned by Baidu's money. It is suitable for small partners who are urgent to use money. It is called the maximum quota of 300,000 and the audit speed is fast. The application age is over 18 years old. The personal credit is good and there are no bad records. If you encounter Baidu with money, you can pass it easily. You can try it.
    Baidu has money to spend small -term loans
    Small -term loan is a loan product under Baidu's rich Citi. It mainly uses small loans. Everyone can apply with their personal credit. The loan amount is not very large, and it is often determined by the borrower's comprehensive credit. With the improvement of credit, the credit line of the borrower will gradually increase.
    The Zhongyou Consumption Wallet
    The Zhongyou Consumption Wallet is a credit product under China Post Consumer Finance, which can meet the capital needs of most people, including pure credit loans and consumer installments. The fast review speed depends on the personal information and return of the applicant. Everyone keeps the mobile phone unblocked. The customer service will draw some user telephone review. It is mainly to verify the personal information and loan purposes. Generally, the review results can be known on the same day.
    This Loan Loan
    The consumer finance is a platform approved by the CBRC. Its good loan has always been welcomed by the borrower. The official display quota range is between 10,000 and 200,000, and most of the people will pay about thousands of yuan for the first time. As long as the repayment is repaid on time, it can slowly increase the limit.

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