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  1. The green construction action plan of various places is not limited to the building itself, but also covers the implementation plan to the upstream building materials industry. Encourage the development of green building materials with safe and durable, energy saving and environmental protection, and convenient construction. Accelerate the development of building insulation systems and materials with good fire and heat insulation performance, and actively develop sintering hollow products, gas -added concrete products, multi -functional composite integrated wall materials, integrated roofs, low -radiation coating glass, broken bridge cable windows, shading, shading Systems and other building materials. Carry out green building materials product certification in accordance with relevant state regulations and increase promotion and application. Strengthen the quality supervision and random inspections of green building materials products, promptly publish random inspection information, and guide the standardized market consumption. rn  前瞻产业研究院发布的《中国新型建材行业市场前瞻与投资战略规划分析报告前瞻》显示,2005-2012年,我国新型建材行业的工业总产值逐年增长,增速呈波动状态,且Affected by the macroeconomic environment, the growth rate of growth is greater. In 2012, the total output value of my country's new building materials industry was around 570.8 billion yuan, an increase of about 14.04%over the previous year. From the perspective of new building materials products, the output value of refractory materials is far ahead of other three types of products, and the output value in 2012 reached 386.5 billion yuan. In 2012, the total output value of China's light -quality building materials industry was 703.85 yuan; the total output value of waterproof building materials was 67.893 billion yuan; 2 the total output value of the sound insulation and thermal insulation material industry reached the maximum value in recent years, with 45.905 billion yuan.
    M local government departments in my country have successively introduced the implementation plan of green building operations, marking the entry of my country's green building promotion. This will accelerate the development and application of green building materials. The application of green building materials in buildings has driven the transformation and upgrading of the building materials industry. It is expected that the promotion of green buildings will drive the new output value of the green building materials industry about 2 trillion yuan.

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