my country's live broadcast users have reached 617 million. Should the live broadcast set threshold?

4 thoughts on “my country's live broadcast users have reached 617 million. Should the live broadcast set threshold?”

  1. The live broadcast should set a threshold, and at the same time, we must also refine laws and regulations to regulate various possible accidents.
    The live broadcast industry can be described as "black smoke". In order to become a net red, a group of cow ghosts and snake gods can be used to become a short video platform. In order to attract the attention of some rural anchors, some rural anchors rolled in the clay field: they did not accept the battle, but there were also "like -minded" rural anchors rolling in the farmland to complete the net red dream. This is not an exaggeration, it is the real situation on the short video platform such as Douyin and Kuaishou.
    not only that, the behavior of some anchors has affected the normal life of others, and even spread negative energy. The old lady in her 90 -year -old grandmother who was in her 90s was healthy and had a stall every night to pass the time and maintain their livelihood. Since the unexpected popularity of the Internet, various cattle and ghosts and snake gods came to "check in". As a result, the grandma was unable to disturb, and finally chose not to set up a stall. In order to create an "eclectic" image, the anchors chose to meet the audience's requirements on the street without bottom line. For example, an audience asked the anchor to shoot a beautiful girl or passersby. These anchors would continue to follow the bottom line without any bottom line, regardless of their behavior, it would affect the lives of others.
    The live broadcast industry is already wild, and various wonderful anchors are mixed, and "live broadcast with color" is not without. Therefore, the entry threshold for setting up the live broadcast industry is very important. It is not allowed to do whatever the bottom line and principles in the live broadcast field, and they cannot let them interfere with the normal life of others for their own net red dreams. In the long run, the live broadcast industry will lose order and guidelines and become a "place outside the law." At the same time, the state should also make provisions on the various possible behaviors of the live broadcast industry to prepare from time to time. Only by multiple aspects can we ensure that the live broadcast industry is purified and becomes an industry that is clear and the core values ​​of socialism.

  2. It should be set. Because if there is no threshold, there will be a large number of illegal live broadcasts to destroy the live broadcast environment.

  3. I think the threshold is needed. Live broadcast requires the correct values ​​to promote the positive energy of the society.

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