1 thought on “How can the New Year's Day Catering Sports Store be diverted to lock customers?”

  1. Affected by the increasingly fierce market competition and the transparency of information, consumers' purchase of products tends to be rational and pursue the quality and value of products. In particular, under the current competition, consumers are more concerned about the added value and reputation outside the product.
    01 traditional promotion, the advantages are no longer
    At present, the effect of traditional catering store promotion is no longer obvious, and even the promotion is weak and cannot attract consumers.
    The reason, on the one hand, the frequent promotion of online platform impacts and stores, double impacts on consumers, leading to many choices and losing competitiveness;
    The is actually a traditional catering store promotional product. Consumers convey added value and pay attention to word -of -mouth marketing.
    In looking at the market, promotion methods, product discounts, gifts, gifts, gifts, lottery, etc. attract consumers. Because the promotional activities have done too much and many stores do such promotions, they have lost their attractiveness to consumers.
    From the perspective of consumers, the preferential activities are too frequent to stimulate consumers' desire to consume. They always have a preferential mentality.
    At this time, in order to improve their competitiveness and stimulate consumers' consumption desire, the store increased its promotional efforts.
    In addition, traditional promotions have not stimulated the real purchase needs of consumers. To a certain extent, just allow consumers to buy because of price reasons. After the purchase experience additional value.
    So the common phenomenon of catering is that as soon as the promotion stops, the sales volume is even worse than before the promotion. This is the reason.
    02 is weak, and the successor is insufficient
    "Digesting new customers, maintaining old users" is a problem that all physical catering stores are concerned. Insufficient drainage and traffic cannot be easily lost in the store!
    Minic food as the sky, eating is just needed, so the market demand is huge, and the catering is significantly affected by the word -of -mouth effect, and there are fission genes.
    Therefore, physical catering stores need to be drained more, and the number of valid customers in the store will increase the number of valid customers, so as to maintain the sales or profit growth of the store. In fact, the store has thought of many methods and cannot achieve the ideal goal.
    It solution
    Im online and offline combination, sales drainage master
    part 1
    is not only the standard of the store, then it will make it contribute to the profit; since the traditional sales advantage is not there, Then dig deep into the added value of the product; add a little innovative marketing to make the bottle not only sell it, but also introduce "consumption" and drain "consumption". With consumption stickiness, why worry is weak!
    The concept of catering new retail (new catering) is gathered. Wechat is used as the entrance, loaded into WeChat mini programs, no need to download APP, and simple and fast. Provide solutions based on user management and improvement efficiency of traffic conversion for the catering industry.
    It live broadcast/short video gameplay to help catering merchants establish digital user management, private domain traffic marketing, low -cost online user management and user on -site, transformation, long -term relationship construction Comprehensive efficiency of transformation.
    The non -traditional promotion, excavating consumer value
    part 2
    The powerful and practical coffee broadcast system aims to help merchants invest in a little energy to earn more money. Each function has undergone multiple scrutiny. Coffee broadcast not only provides powerful system functions business functions, but also helps customers build their own private domain platform. Coffee sowing allows each merchant to be stationed to use, can be used, and often uses it.
    D digital shop
    Uploaded brand logo, shop address, contact information, facilitated brand promotion
    free listing of goods in the store, e -commerce of physical commodities
    users pay attention to merchant stores, complete user precipitation
    The private domain live broadcast
    WeChat port is broadcast on one -button, start the merchant's exclusive live broadcast room
    intuitively and real display merchant products
    digital marketing
    record users' consumption behavior, easy to convenient The purpose of doing every activity to achieve accurate customer acquisition
    distributed fission
    masters, distributors can distribute products through product posters, links, and live broadcast links. Multi -level commission mechanisms promote fission
    Coffee The cost of customer acquisition of coffee has changed 0 new changes, word of mouth fermentation, lifetime locks, fission flow! Help offline merchants have unlimited user assets. At the same time, more marketing space is provided, and online realization has more victories.
    The core advantages of coffee broadcast small program live broadcast core is to help the brand to create its own commercial closed -loop coffee broadcast -brand consumer private domain traffic operation. Through the public account social private domain mini -program live broadcast method, the private domain flow is seamless.

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