Why do Hongbaoli funds flow in large flow? Hong Baoli's third quarter performance prediction? Red Baoli Tonghua Shun shareholders exchange group?

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  1. Due to the continuous rise in the chemical sector, most of the market investors are more concerned about this. From the perspective of the transformation of the chemical industry, the direction of the Chinese chemical industry is accelerating the development of high value -added fine chemical and new materials. Today, I will give you to everyone Introduce Hong Baoli-a high-quality enterprise in a chemical industry.

    In before analyzing Hong Baoli for everyone, there is a list of leading stocks in the chemical industry that I have compiled. I will share it with you. Click on it. R n

    . From the perspective of the company,

    The company introduction: Red Baoli is mainly engaged in cyclopyrophyne derivatives, including polyurethane hard bubble combination gathering together The development, production and sales of ethyls, special polyether, isopropyline series products, and emerging material polyurethane insulation boards. At present, the group company has four major industrial bases of polyurethane, isopropyline, new materials, and oxide, and is among the best in the industry as international multinational companies.

    For the company's company's company, after a brief introduction, let's take a look at the advantages of the company?

    Ifo 1. Famous enterprises in the polyurethane industry, high market recognition

    Curamine is very well -known in the polyurethane industry. The company mainly uses structural flame retardant technology autonomy The high flame -retardant polyester insulation board developed and produced can not only permanent flame retardant, but also heat preservation and fire prevention. It always maintains the advantages of product quality and continuous stability in the industry. Through many years of operation, Hong Baoli has a high reputation in the field of building insulation. The products have been applied to government livelihood security projects, real estate development projects, Beijing old housing reconstruction projects and residential industrialization projects. it is good.

    The Waste can be said to be the leading enterprise in the polyurethane industry. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, also announced that Hong Baoli is the second batch of manufacturing single champion companies, and the China Quality Association also puts it down. Hong Baoli is listed as the "National Quality Award" award -winning unit.

    advantages of production resources

    The products that Hongbaoli now operates involves four major industries, and its production resources and industrial foundations are very good. For the production base of hard bubble combination polyether and isopropyline, Hong Poili sets it in the new material technology park of Nanjing Jiangbei New District in the national chemical park, and has a complete infrastructure in the park. It can produce about 150,000 tons of hard bubble combination polyether each year, and polyether polyols can be supported by supporting production, which can produce products of different standards and models. The size of the single -set device of the product is greater than other similar production enterprises. At the same time, the product structure meets the adjustable conditions. The device uses supercritical production processes, which is different from similar companies in the world.

    Curaki provides complete production conditions. The scale advantage is not comparable to other companies. There is no large -scale large -scale similar production enterprise in China. "Red Baoli New Material Industrial Park" has a production capacity of 10 million square meters in high flame -retardant insulation boards.

    Due to the more content, there are more in -depth reports and risk reminders about Hong Baoli. Li Comments, suggestions for collection!

    . From the perspective of the industry

    The polyurethane industry: MDI is a variety of global pricing, the global incremental demand maintained 1.5 times GDP growth rate, that is, the annual increase demand for the need for an appointment. 300,000 tons. The supply terminal, the production capacity investment area is all in the Asia -Pacific region. It is expected that the price of aggregation MDI as anchor will maintain a level of more than 12,000 yuan/ton in the middle and long -term. The prospect of the polyurethane industry is promising for a long time.

    In summary, I think that Hong Baoli is a pioneer for new materials in the chemical industry. With the industry's rise in dividends, it is expected to usher in high -speed development. However, the article has a certain lag. Assuming that I want to know more about Hong Baoli's future market, just click on the link directly. There are professional investment advisors to help you diagnose the stock. A good time for sale: [Free] Is there a chance to test the rubber?

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