5 thoughts on “Why did the cats come back after being lost?”

  1. In fact, cats and cats can remember their home. The reason why he came back suddenly after a few months, because he was already playing outside. He can find his home through his own sense of smell.
    In fact, after the cat is lost, it is also a very happy thing to come back. After the cat is lost, he suddenly returns home. You should first appease the cat's mood and give it some snacks he likes to eat. Or cat food, and let him drink some water. When the cat adapts to the environment in the home, he must take the cat to the pet hospital to check the body and see if the cat's body is traumatized, or if the body of the cat is traumatized, or is it trauma, or it is Is there any other problems such as skin diseases and other problems. In addition, he has been wandering outside for a long time, and he will be particularly prone to some bacteria and viruses, and there must be a parasitic existence on his body. You can give the cat for deworming first, and then take a bath for him in a few days.
    , and when he is usually at home, he must close the doors and windows, do not let it run out again, and you must cultivate feelings with his own cats. Very cold, unlike some puppies, it is very enthusiastic about us and is loyal.
    Most of the cats are very cute. Many owners like to hug him or touch her. But when hugging her and touching her, it must be based on his willingness to let you report or touch her before doing this. If the kitten appears disgusting or resistant, don't Forced him, and don't get close to him anymore. Because not all kittens like to contact people, especially when they first contact, the kitten is not familiar with you because.
    is also very reluctant to trust you. If you are close to him, it is likely to have some reactions. So when you first contact the cat, you must give him time to adapt to you, and you must let the cat freely move in the cage. In fact, kittens can also cause depression, which makes his personality more lonely. As long as you don't close the doors and windows, he is likely to run out again. If you have no feelings with you, he will not go back again.

  2. Cats will find their own way home. Some cats go out, maybe they want to go out to play, and after a while they will go home. This is the instinct of the cat.

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