5 thoughts on “Does the puppet cat catch the mouse?”

  1. Most of the puppet cats will not catch mice, and they are afraid of mice. Because puppet cats are a pet cat, they can be feeded by humans every day without having to catch mice to maintain their lives. Furthermore, there are no mice in many people's homes, so the puppet cats can't see mice at all, let alone catch mice. And the parents and ancestors of the puppet cats may not catch mice, and they will not teach their cubs to catch mice, so this nature will gradually annihilate. So if you want to raise a cat catching a mouse, it is best not to go to the puppet cat, you can go to the raccoon cat.
    does the puppet cat have the ability to catch mice?
    If the parents of this puppet cat grab a mouse and pass this technique to their cubs, then it may learn to catch mice. This possibility is very small, because the puppet cat is a variety of cats, carefully raised by humans, and the houses living are all buildings. They eat and drink very expensive. What's more, catch mice. The couple of the puppet cats is also relatively small. When I see the mouse, they may be afraid, and they will not catch them.
    Pet cats and rural cats are different.
    Pet cats are responsible for selling cute, and then getting the owner's touch, so that you can get more food. The idyllic cat must look at the house and catch mice, otherwise it may be abandoned by the owner. Therefore, the fate of cats and cats is also different, but every kind of cat lives better. For example, pet cats have not seen the beauty of nature, and they are willing to live in small houses for a lifetime. The pastoral cat has enjoyed the taste of freedom, so they are unwilling to trap in one place, and their lives are also very happy.
    The summary
    Due to the improvement of living standards, the number of mice has gradually decreased, and many cats have not caught mice for a lifetime. However, there are still many mice in rural areas, so rural raccoon cats are particularly good at catching mice, and they can grab some sparrows in the sky. It is really amazing.

  2. The puppet cat does not catch mice. He is a pet cat and does not need to catch mice to maintain his life. Now many people do not have mice at home. He does not know it at all. The puppet cat will be afraid of mice.

  3. There is no ability to catch mice. Because this cat is cultivated as pets for cultivation. None of his ancestors had grabbed mice. In this generation, the puppet cat will definitely not catch mice.

  4. I think that the puppet cat does not catch the nature of mice, because this cat has been used to raising it since childhood, and ordinary people raise him to be a pet instead of catching mice, so it has lost the ability to catch mice from birth.

  5. The puppet cats do not catch mice, pet cats, and do not need to catch mice to connect their livelihoods, and now many people do not have mice at home, and the root cats do not know. The puppet cat will be afraid of mice.

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