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  1. The breed of the little raccoon puppet cat is a new variety cultivated by Berman cats and long hair cats.
    Pat cats are a new variety. In the 1960s, Ann Baker, California, cultivated the earliest puppet cats. Their father was the male Berman cat named Warbucks, and his mother was a white non -purebred long hair cat called Josephine. She said that the puppet cat would be "soft" when she was hugged. Then Ann Baker set up a variety association, but the puppet cats had not been recognized by other associations at that time. Since then, many people have cultivated puppet cats, which has created the puppet cat varieties that are now recognized by major mainstream associations.
    This cat's head is V -shaped, with large eyes and round eyes, rich in hair, thick limbs, soft body, mostly three -color or two -color cats. The whole body is very loose, like a soft puppet. Some puppet cats are very similar to the little raccoon, so they are often called little raccoon. The raccoon face of the puppet cat has a very standard and symmetrical face. The body color on the body is also very standard. The price of the sale is very high, and there are many people who buy it.
    The character is docile and tranquil, very friendly to people, and tolerance for pain is quite strong. It is often mistaken for lack of pain. It can tolerate children's play, which is also known as puppet cats. It is an ideal home -raising pet.
    Pat cat diet taboos
    1, irritating food. Such as pepper, mustard, spicy oil, spices, etc., these foods can make cats dull.
    2, high -fat food. High -fat food, sweet food. Such as cakes, fried chicken, fries, fried fries, etc., it is easy to cause cats to obese or disease, such as fatty liver and pericardial oil.
    3, too cold and too hot food. Because the cat's tongue is afraid of heat, the body will exclude too cold and too hot food.
    4, animal internal organs. Animal internal organs contain vitamin A that is beneficial to the cat's body, but if this substance is absorbed too much, it will damage the cat's bone festival, liver and other functions.
    The above content refers to Baidu Encyclopedia -Puppet Cat

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