5 thoughts on “What to do if the cat doesn't like to take a bath”

  1. 1. Help cats to trim nails

    Cats are afraid of water is their instinct. In order to prevent cats from being injured when struggling with water, it is necessary to trim the cat's nails in advance. The shit officer had to bring them a nail protection suit.

    Why don't cats like to take a bath? Four small tricks to make your cat no longer resist bathing
    2, make enough preparations

    mad to put the cats needed to take a bath in advance at hand, so as to shorten the cat can shorten the cat Take a bath time. The indoor temperature is controlled at about 28 ° C. It is best to turn on the heater and bath to help cats warm in winter.

    The water temperature is controlled at about 35 ° C ~ 40 ° C. Test it with your hands in advance. You can wash the cat without scalding.

    3, pay attention to the bathing process

    It the best choice of a pot bath, the surface should not exceed the cat's belly, otherwise the cat will lose sense of security and feel that I am drowned.

    The owners who choose the shower can put a non -slip cushion under the cat's feet, or the small blanket used by the cat's usual use. Prevent them from slipping.

    Why don't cats like to take a bath? Four small tricks make your cat no longer resist bathing
    When washing, use water to slowly pour their bodies, and then rub their whole body with shower gel. Pay attention to avoid their eyes, ears and nose, and prevent water from water.

    Wons do not use the shower head to take a shower head directly to them. The water pressure will increase the psychological burden of the cat. The water volume should be smaller, and the body is washed mildly and slowly. Don't forget to appease the cats with your hands in time when taking a bath, which can calm them much.

    4, the care after bathing

    The bath time is generally controlled within half an hour. Essence

    Mit the water with a dry towel after taking a bath and blow dry their hair with a hair dryer as soon as possible. Before turning on the hair dryer, let the cat adapt to the sound, and then give them a hair dryer. If possible, you can use the dryer for them.

    Is after the cat successfully cooperates with you to complete the bath, the owner must care more at this time and give them a little reward. Help them comb their hair, feed them some dried fish, canned small cans, etc., so that they will leave a good impression on the bathing, and will not be so resistant next time.

  2. If you don't like to take a bath, I feel that you can force him to buy shoes. If it is not good, you can seduce them, and then need to use delicious or fun. Let them go in

  3. If the cat doesn't like to take a bath, I think all you need to do is to take a bath as little as possible, or let him contact more water.

  4. Cats don't like to take a bath because the cat doesn't like to dip the water. You can put the cat in a cat -washing cat and take a bath for the cat.

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