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    If you have raised cats and observed cats carefully, you will find that cats have the habit of licking their faces after eating. Why is this? In fact, we can call this behavior of cats "washing their faces. After the cat eats, they will habitually lick around the mouth with their tongue, and then start a large -scale" face washing "job.
    It simply speaking, the reason why cat licks the face after meals is to eliminate body odor, and at the same time to remove the dirt on the body to keep the body clean. Although the cat's licking behavior can be summarized in the word "wash face", this is indeed a big project for cats.
    Is when the cat washed his face, first clean the beard at the corner of its mouth. They will use the licking front paws to wipe the beard that the corners of the mouth again, and then lick their front paws, and then rub the beard after licking. After a few times, wash the beard on the other side in the same method. After cleaning the entire beard, the cat will start to organize the whole body. Because cats cannot directly lick their faces, they complete the work of "washing" by licking the front paws, so that the cat's mouth, the dirt on the beard, and the dirt on the face will be cleaned up and clean. Essence
    Is we know that cats are very clean animals, and they cannot endure dirty things on their bodies, and the corners of the mouth will inevitably contaminate some food residues after eating, so the cat develops it. After dinner, clean the habit of cleaning the mouth and face. In addition, because the cat is an animal that attacked the opponent through ambush, they do not allow any smell on the body. If the body has a odor, it is easy to let the prey run away, so the cat has to develop after each meal. "habit.

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