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  1. To train cats to drink water, we must make cats aware of water, prepare a container for cats, set up flowing water, etc. If the owner can change the water very diligently, this will make the cat more happy to drink water. Use cats to load water and place them where cats often pass by. Set flowing water and water drinks. Be sure to let cats learn to drink water and supplement physical functions. Changing water often
    This cats like to drink clean water, and they are very sensitive to odor. If the owner can change the water very hard, wash the basin every time It can reduce the raw bacteria and microorganisms, which is relatively healthy! And some cats do not like chlorine flavor) This will make cats more happy to drink water!

    This containers that cats like
    Pegis who likes to drink water with human marks cups, the owner bought a cat's special Mark Cup, some cats often like to sneak in the washbasin In the water, the owner bought a small basin as their special water basin, but it was just a small movement of a container. There are really let the cats drink more water!
    placed in the place where cats often pass
    don't just put water in one place! Cats are very forgetful and willful animals, and they can't distinguish what it is dedicated. It may not run away from its water basin when it is thirsty. Wet wet water ... There may even be not drinking water now, but you will forget it later, so the situation that has never been drinking! Therefore, a pot of water must be placed next to the dry feed. In the place where the cat likes to rest, put as much water as possible.
    Seting the flowing water, drinking water heater
    This based on wild animals is a flowing water in the river. Many cats also like to drink clean water, so there are many products designed for this demand, like Dome drinking water heater, waterfall drinking heater! There are also many cat owners who can DIY fish tank motor water dispensers. It is said that the cheap effect is good.
    The water for cats with temperature
    This cats still love. When you have time, pour a cup of warm water to drink the cat in winter. Let it lick, and then the cat will start drinking because it is found that it is warm water. (Note: Because the cat's tongue is afraid of hotness, the warm water mentioned here is that the water with similar body temperature is not hot water!) In summer, pour the cup slightly (not too ice) to drink the cat.
    In the canned water and soak the biscuits with water
    The push "add water in the can"! Unless the cat doesn't like to eat cans and eats canned food, it is annoyed to eat, and how can there be no cat who wants to mix with the cat's canned water and drink it, and then quickly bite the meat? Many cats eat this set. Intersection And it can allow cats to drink at least 10cc of water, which does not contain the water of the cat's canned food! As for the softening of the biscuits with water, it is suitable for the kitten, it feels that the big cat does not like to eat soft biscuits, and the kitten likes to eat soft foods
    R n Although canned cats is not good for cat's teeth, it will not be greatly disadvantaged (canned cats is only less grinding effect than cat biscuits and cannot effectively prevent dental stones, but it is not the culprit that causes dental stones!) Therefore, if the economy, feeding time, cat physical condition ... Mastery is permitted in all aspects, it is recommended that occasionally to eat some soft wet foods, not only to supplement water, but also to satisfy the cat's desire to eat meat. If you eat chicken breast or small fish for cats, it is also very good. These meats contain quite a lot of moisture (but you still need to pay attention to nutritional balance, the nutrition of dry feed is relatively complete, and it should still be supplied by staple food)!
    The cat curiosity
    Because of some trouble, this trick only provides reference! In fact, just like lied to children to eat carrots, occasionally when they are free, they will lie to them when they tease their cats. As if touching the cat with a wet finger, the cat will help the owner lick! There is also a little water with a strange container, and the cat will be curious to smell the container with the nose. When you find that there is water, you can't help licking a few mouthfuls. There is also a dragon head that will drop water in front of the cat. Curious to pick up water, everything is randomly played, but the process is still interesting.
    This water
    The as a last resort! The method is to take a common needle with needle, that is, when cats usually have colds and colds, injuries and injuries, the veterinarian will prescribe the potion to the owner, and then attach the syringe. After washing, take the water as a medicine, and hold the cat into the gap between its teeth! The cat will not be able to die at the beginning, but when water comes in from the gap between the water, it will definitely drink tongue and drink it to prevent itself from being pinched. Although this may be resentful by cats, the life of a cat is still important! It is better that the owner estimates how much water the cat has drank at least a day, which is a trick!

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