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  1. First determine whether cats need to supplement nutrition, do not blindly supplement nutrition for cats.
    The cat's main food is cat food, and the energy required for daily can be taken from cat food. However, for cats with poor physique and resistance, in addition to cat food, cats also need some nutritional supplements:
    1. Eat some nutrition cream for cats. The nutrients contained in cat nutrition cream can be quickly absorbed by cats. It is an effective nutritional product when cats are sick, pregnancy, and production. Put a little nutrition cream to the kitten's nose, it will lick into the stomach itself.
    2, you can eat some goat milk powder. Many cats like to drink goat milk powder, supplement nutrition and hydrate.
    3, canned cats: cats love to eat canned cats. Watching the cat is happy, parents will be happy.
    . Remember whether it is the cat's main grain or nutritional paste or goat milk powder, please recognize the brand. Such quality is guaranteed, so safe to cats.

  2. American roll -ear cats
    On from cat birth breast milk to the owner to lead home, then the owner's breeding work, the nutrition that cats need at each stage are different, you know cats, you know the cat What nutrition is needed? Do you know how cats choose nutritious food for cats? The cat's nutrition is closely related to health. Let's look at the introduction of the editor below.
    Cats are carnivorous animals, and their feed is mainly meat. The quality of cat nutrition is closely related to its health. Good nutritional cats are strong and have strong resistance to various diseases. Nutrition cats are reflected in each growth or reproduction stage. The nutritional status of female cats before and during pregnancy will directly affect the development of the fetus and the survival rate of cats. For example, a cat that is just born, weighing less than 90 grams, indicates that the female cat is malnourished.
    The health level of female cats during lactation has a greater impact on the growth and development of cats. In addition to feeding breast milk at the age of 4 weeks, some solid feed should also be eaten. The kitten growing after weaning at 7 weeks grows fast. At this time, the nutritional content and quantity of the feed are very important. When the kitten grows to 10 to 12 weeks, the antibody obtained from breast milk in the body disappears. Once nutritional is lacking, it is susceptible to disease, especially the digestive system disease and respiratory disease.
    The male cats with good malnutrition and normal development are mature at 8.5 months old, and when nutrition is insufficient, it is delayed. Generally, female cats are mature in July, while malnutrition is not estrus, or she can have a miscarriage in the later pregnancy; Low.
    Therefore, the key to raising cats is to understand the nutritional and nutritional value of the feed, and the different needs of cats in different growth periods, and reasonably prepare feed to satisfy it. The nutrients in cat feed include water, protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals.

  3. Cat nutritional supplementation method
    Thete nutrients and digestive foods
    For large -scale surgery that just finished gastrointestinal diseases, the cat's physique is generally poor, the body is weak, and the spirit and body are just tortured. Sudden appetite will decrease, and some cats are even unwilling to eat; in order to help cats return to normal diet, they eat more foods that are easy to digest, such as milk powder and rice paste.

    This sun supplement nutrition
    This sun is suitable for cats of all ages. Frequent sun exposure to get the cat's body stronger and healthier bones. The sun helps the synthesis of vitamin D, and vitamin D can also promote the absorption of calcium. Kittery often grows better when sunbathing, and elderly cats are sunny to prevent bones from fragile.

    Ti Gifang
    The main ingredients of increasing power -the rich immunoglobulin is a natural antibody that is synthesized with foreign viruses and bacteria, which can effectively attack the attack, which can effectively attack The pathogenic cause of invading the body, inhibiting the reproduction of the germs, at the same time, has physiological activity such as immune regulation, improved gastrointestinal tract, promoting growth and development, and inhibiting a variety of germs.

  4. Only a nutrition and healthy kitten will look good
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  5. Usually you can feed some beef, pork, chicken, fish, and eggs, goat milk, etc. My cats are also eaten, because it is more comprehensive, and the Chinese medicine adds beef powder with good taste. There are ginseng leaves, shrimp redin, taurine, etc., which have a good protective effect on cat skin, hair, eyes, and heart. You can go to see ∞

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