5 thoughts on “Being rabies vaccine by your own pet cat”

  1. If you are caught by your pet cat. In general, there is no need to be a rabies vaccine. Because your smart cat knows that its health is generally no rabies, you don't need to worry about cleaning up the wound.

  2. If your own pet cat has not been vaccinated or has been vaccinated, you are caught by the cat, and you have to vaccinate the rabies vaccine. just in case.

  3. Do you need a rabies vaccine to be scratched by your pet cat? I was caught by my own pet cat. I think that rabies vaccine is needed, because some animal cats, dogs, their mouths and paws have certain bacteria and viruses. Bad dog vaccines can prevent viruses from invading the body or infection.

  4. It depends on being seriously caught by your own pet cat. If you break the bleeding, you still need to vaccine. You feel that the cat is healthy and may be a virus carried

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