5 thoughts on “What cute pets do you know in anime?”

  1. I think there are the following:
    "Witch House Urgent"
    Black cat Jiji is the novel work "Witch House Urgent" and the pet cat of the heroine Qiqi in the anime movie of the same name.

    Kiki has been with Kiki since birth. It can talk to Kiki. It is often called a witch cat. , Leaving his hometown with Kiki to come to the Corolek Town to complete the witch's practice. Although Jiji is dark, the long is not cute nor happy, but when it helps Kiki to disguise it as a toy cat at the home of Kiki, he tried his best to pretend everything happened to the toy cat. Jiji was frightened when he saw a dog with a behemoth. He was sweating cold, but he still stood up and motionless. It was really cute.

    In the cat Lili, and became a couple relationship, and had four kittens with Lili. In the end, Jiji no longer spoke to Kiki (at least not talking about people), and this was not because Kiki lost mana, but because they all grew up.
    "Fairy's Tail"
    Habi, the role of the Japanese comic "Fairy Tail" and the role in its derivative works. He was born in the egg picked up from Naz Sticking to Naz, but there are often small quarrels (usually because of fish). Always perform the task together and live together.

    . Although there is no combat ability itself, it is often possible to help Naz chase the enemy or in the air warfare at the time of battle. He can also give Naz some suggestions in the battle, so he is an indispensable partner for Naz's life or battle. I often do not look at the atmosphere of speeches or actions. Although it is easy to bring joy, it is easy to cause chaos.
    The real identity is the surpass of the Azeroth world, and like Xia Lulu, who is also a surpass. After practicing with Naz for a year, he came back and went with Lucy to find his partner on a new journey.
    "One Piece"

    Tonitony Joba, the role of Japanese comics "Navigation King" and its derivative works. Qiaoba is a boat doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates. He ate a reindeer who took everyone's fruits. You can use the blue wave ball to deform eight.

    He is the fifth partner of the Straw Hat Pirate Group, and his position is a ship doctor. Originally the most beloved reindeer and medical assistant of Dr. Kuriha, Magnet Drum Island. Qiaoba's benefactor is "mediocrine" Hiruguk. He was originally named when he was a wild reindeer. horn.
    "Magic Girl Sakura" is Rubelus is the role of "Magic Card Girl Sakura" and "Magic Card Girl Sakura: Clear Card". The "seal beast" of the "Kuros" is guarded. Nickname is small. It's a greedy ghost. The above is a personal point of view.

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