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  1. The leopard cat
    The stray cat is the most likely to suffer from skin diseases, so we must pay special attention when we touch the stray cat. If you want to adopt a stray cat, you must first check the stray cat Humans, do not often contact stray cats to avoid diseases.
    . The common skin disease of cats
    1. Bacterial skin disease: Mainly bacterial infection, relatively easy to treat
    2. Fungus skin disease: skin fungal infection; skin fungus in the skin; The survival time in nature has a long survival and strong resistance. It can survive in a dry environment for more than 1 year. There are also some fungi that have a personal coincidence for the soil, which can grow and reproduce in the soil and survive for a long time. A fungal skin disease is the most difficult to cure, and it is easily transmitted to humans.
    3. Exotic parasitic skin diseases: caused by flea, chigger mites, creep mites, ear mites, lice, sink, etc. It is difficult to treat.
    4. Metabolic skin disease: hormone skin disease, allergic skin disease, this situation is less
    5. Immune abnormal skin diseases: skin diseases related to nutrition, etc. Drop hairy.
    . Treatment method
    different types of skin diseases, the treatment methods are different. For skin diseases caused by bacteria, fungi or parasites, the treatment method is nothing more than a medicinal bath, spray, disinfection, and collar collar. , Dan Sun, etc., but for nutritional skin diseases, the treatment method is to strengthen nutrition, such as supplementing B vitamins.
    No matter what kind of skin disease, the symptoms are similar, and the cat's skin defense system is prone to mixed infection. The symptoms we can see may not be a symptom caused by skin diseases. At the same time, the infection is infected. 2 ~ 3 fungi is not impossible. Therefore, when a cat has a skin disease, we have to take the cat to a regular pet hospital for the first time to identify which skin disease is the cat's disease in order to quickly treat it.

  2. 1: First do a good job of hygiene
    . If the pet owner thinks that cats are athletes because the cat sand pot is too dirty, then the pet owner should pay attention to the hygiene of the cat litter basin. Bowl. The pet owner also uses family disinfection to drag all the inside and outside of the family, and then open the window to ventilate. The pet owner also clean the cat's nest, cat tableware, cat cage and other cleaning, and then use it to the cats and then use it for the cat.
    2: After dealing with cat ringworm
    P. After the owner does the cat's hygiene, then it will help cats to handle cat ringworm. The pet owner should first shave the hair around the cat's athlete, and then spray some meows in the cats of the cat. After the owner spray the cat, we must wear an Elizabeth circle for the cat. Do not let the cat lick or scratch the athlete. Otherwise, the cat's cat ringworm will spread. By then, the pet owner will not help the cat to deal with the cat's ringworm.
    3: Pay attention to isolation
    During the cat's ringworm, the pet owner will also isolate the cat. The pet owner should not let the cats with ringworm contact other cats, otherwise the cats will be contagious. Cat ringworms also have a small chance to be transmitted to the pet owner, so when the cat's cat ringworm is not good, the pet owner should not be too close to the cat. When the owner handles cats, it is best to wear gloves.
    The pet owner should regularly clean up the cat's feces, replace the new cat litter, and then pay attention to buying cat litter for cats. Try to choose some good quality cat litter for cats.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer hello, I am an animal husbandry and veterinary teacher Guo. I am honored to answer this question for you. Your question is sorting out the answer, please wait a while.nQuestionnnAnswer Hello, cats and cat skin diseases are generally caused by mites or fungal infections. Tiro mites need to be injected with Iveye. Play once a week, 3-5 times is good, and it is easy to relapse. The fungus directly coats the fungal ointment. It is better. On the head, it cannot be licked. You do n’t have to worry about it. Generally, it can be applied by cure. In order to improve immunity, such as multi -dimensional, lecithin and so on.nIt can be seen from the picture that the hair is broken from the root, and the possibility of fungi is relatively high, but the possibility of mixed infection of skin diseases is generally more likely to be treated at the same time.nWhat else do you have? It is my honor to help you solve the problem. If my answer can help you, please click five little stars.n4 morenBleak

  4. Pet skin diseases are the easiest to recur. Many reasons will cause skin diseases to be repeated. It is recommended to buy some shellfish baths. When taking a bath, use some of the cats to prevent the effect of skin diseases. Dans and exposure, skin diseases repeatedly indicate poor resistance. It is recommended to supplement more nutrients such as vitamins and protein, eat more meat and vegetables

  5. Cats are easy to repeat with skin diseases and show a certain regularity. The owner needs to pay more attention in the normal breeding management process. For example, the owner can replace the cat with high -quality cat food, and it is more targeting skin diseases; for example, the owner can regularly give the cat for a medicine bath to regulate the cat's skin barrier; for example, the owner should pay attention to maintaining the dryness and disinfection of the cat's living environment. Wait.

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