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  1. In summer, cats are very afraid of heat. When breeding cats, you need to pay attention to the problem of environmental temperature to avoid cats' heat stroke.
    . Analysis of the four major causes of cats heat stroke:
    1. The owner takes the cat out of the house, and the cat is left in a closed car during the work. The owner closed the cat in the trunk to bring the cat out of the door to cause the cat to heatstroke.
    2. Cats located on the balcony, many irresponsible owners are losing the cat on the balcony because they are afraid of cats to get dirty their homes. If you really love cats, do n’t do such irresponsible things to the cats, and cats love cleanliness. Do n’t care if the cat is afraid of the cat to soaker or grab furniture on the grounds.
    3, the temperature in the home is too high, and some cities are really hot in summer. The owner cannot open air conditioning for cats at home when he goes out to work.
    4, on the road exposed to the sun, because the cats have a fast heat stroke, the hot summer, the hot asphalt road, the cat can make the cat's heat stroke in about 5 minutes. But in general, cats will find places to avoid heat. Most cats on the road are mostly diseased cats or injured cats.
    . Cat air conditioning disease
    Copic prevention methods:
    This cats are mainly common in summer. In the hot summer, in order to prevent cats from heat stroke, it also allows cats to feel cool, and the breeders like to let cats stay in the air -conditioned room for a long time. Once a long time, it is easy to cause pet cats to change to air conditioning disease. In order to prevent cats from air -conditioning diseases, what are the common methods of prevention?
    If the pet cat stays in the air conditioning room, the temperature of the air conditioner must not be too low. Generally, the temperature of the air conditioner is 26 degrees Celsius. And the air conditioner cannot be turned on for a long time. Generally, the breeder can turn off the air conditioner for 1-3 hours, and then open the window to discharge the indoor air to enter the outdoor fresh gas to enter the air. Blow.
    The breeders must also keep the hygiene in the air -conditioned room, so that the breeding of bacteria and viruses can be effectively eliminated, thereby reducing the possibility of cats to absorb harmful bacteria. The breeder is best to use the air humidifier in the air -conditioned room. This can also avoid the mucous membranes of the cat's nose and eyes because the air -conditioned room is dry and the cold wind hurts the cat's nose and eyes to prevent the cat from having air conditioning disease.
    The common methods of preventing cat air conditioning also have regular changes to the air flow direction and air flow speed in the air -conditioned room. At the same time, the pet cats in the air -conditioned room have a large amount of drinking water, and the cats are used to urinate more to discharge the toxins in the body. This can also effectively prevent cat -conditioning diseases. Let pet cats go smoothly and healthy, let cats have a healthy body.
    Is to raise cats, it is necessary to prevent cats from getting air -conditioned.

  2. Afraid.
    The cats will also occur when the body cannot withstand the temperature. At this time, the cat will increase the temperature, the limbs are weak, the breathing is difficult, the tongue is stretched to the mouth, the vitality decreases, and the severe spit will even spit foam, blood in the stool, shock, and sudden death. When a cat is too hot, it will cause dehydration and become weak. Cats usually lick their feet and heat dissipation, and at the same time, they will extend their tongue and exhale large, speeding up the breathing speed. The sweat glands on the surface of the cat's skin are very underdeveloped. Usually, the tongue and foot pads are dissipated. In order to help the cat heat dissipation, the cat can be cut to the cat regularly to speed up the heat dissipation.
    Once the owner finds a bad reaction, he must make emergency measures in time. You need to quickly transfer the cat to a cool position, and feed a small amount of water after the cat's spirit is recovered a little. It is also necessary to avoid shaving with cats and shaving the cat for no reason. Not only will it increase the risk of the cat's depression, inducing psychological diseases, but also more likely to cause cats to be damaged by foreign objects. Cats will be afraid of heat and heat stroke. Therefore, we must take sunscreen measures for cats, and do not bring cats out on a hot day.

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