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  1. This
    Baships are not a word. I want to raise cats. Since we decide to raise cats, we must be responsible for it. Before raising cats, we must prepare the following 10 items for cats. These items can not only make cats living convenient, but also allow the owner to better understand the cat and get along with the cat.
    1. Toilet: If home is two floors, two toilets for plastic and irony in the market are best to use. The kittens are not too deep, and the big cat's words are larger. The sand in the middle is washed with paper that can be used, and it is better to choose the type of urination. As long as you throw away the coagulation part of the ball, it is very simple. This kind of thing can be bought cheaply in a pet store.
    . The box of cats: Choose a strong ventilator or use this box when going to the hospital or outing the cat, and some people use a corrugated carton instead. Good species. Most of the materials for cats are plastic and vine. There are three types of size in the size. Selecting the box mainly depends on whether it is light and strong. If the box itself is very heavy, it will be very strenuous when moving. After buying the box, try it from time to time. In emergency, it will be convenient to use.
    3. Clawers: In addition to the market, you can also do the claws sold on the market. Corrugated cardboard products, if it is equipped with a plastic lid, if the paper is broken in the middle, it can be replaced, so it is generally cheaper. But compared with the blanket cloth, the disadvantage is that it is more likely to start scum. The claws can also be made by themselves, put the fish cake board on the wall of the box, and then spread the cats that cats like.
    4. Cat bowl: The cat bowl used for cats should be prepared for two, one is used for food and the other is used for water. Cat bowls should be used by cats that are not easy to be overturned, and the food that cats are overturned when the cat is naughty causes the home to be dirty. If you have more than a cat at home, you must prepare your own cat bowl for each cat. Because the cat is cleanliness, he will not share the cat bowl with others. In addition, the cat bowl must be kept clean.
    5. Cat food: You can ask the pet shop, or the original owner, what cat food is eating before taking the cat home. Because if you want to change other foods, you must first mix the old and old cat food to let the cat eat, otherwise it will cause cats to adapt to poor adaptation.
    6. Cat sands: There are many types of cat litter. The owners can choose cat litter freely, such as wood chip sand or tofu sand. Cat sand can be divided into rough sand and fine sand. Generally speaking, the coagulation effect of coarse sand is worse than fine sand, but the dust raised by fine sand is more dusty than coarse sand, which is not good for cat's respiratory tract.
    7. Toys: The owner can prepare toys such as small balls or teasing cat sticks, and even pinch a small paper ball for the cat. The game is a way to eliminate cats, and it is also the fastest way to establish feelings with kittens.
    8. Cat's nest: Prepare a box to keep a warm quilt and place the cat to sleep in a warm, clean, and quiet place.
    9. Claw board: If there is a more expensive leather sofa in the home, it is recommended to buy a grinding panel to the cat, so that the cat can grind the claws, so as not to use the leather sofa to grind the claws.
    10. Combs: No matter the cats with long or short hairs, you must combine hair. Comb can clean the cat's hair and avoid knotting. You can also comb the cat's dandruff, dust and other debris. The blood circulation makes the muscles strong.
    It cats are sometimes very wayward. It is not as obedient as dogs, but does not bring the cat's infidelity to the owner. Return is unexpected.

  2. Preparations before raising cats:
    Is before buying cats, you must prepare the items needed for cat life. All necessities needed for cats in pet stores or pet markets. If there is no sales, you can do it by yourself, and it will be solved simply because of bad.
    (1) Cat's nest
    The cat's nest is the place where the cat sleeps. You can use the basket, waste pot and hard paper shell box. However, there must be enough area, and cats can straighten their legs. The bottom of the nest is straw or paper scraps, newspapers, and then spread on a waste towel or old sheet sheets, blankets, chair cushions, etc. to make the cat's nest not warm and comfortable. The cat's nest should be higher than the ground, so that it can keep it dry, clean, and ventilate well, and maintain a cool environment. The pads in the cat's nest should be replaced and cleaned frequently, and there is no odor. With the changes in the seasons, appropriately increase or decrease the pavement.
    (2) Tools and drinking pots
    The characteristics of cats' cleaning are prominent in animals, and their clothing must be kept clean. Therefore, fed cats must have special utensils and water basins. The texture of the clothing and drinking pot should be strong, the bottom of the pot is heavy, and the edges should be thick, such as porcelain bowls and iron bowls. It is best to pad under the basin and water basin to keep the ground clean to keep the ground clean.
    (3) Successive basin
    Mu basin should be made of easy -to -wash, not easy to absorb odor, and difficult to damage. It is better to make it. Wooden boxes and cartons are not suitable for pottery basins. In order to facilitate cleaning and maintaining hygiene, it should be paved with a thick sawdust or sediment, furnace ash, etc. at the bottom of the pot.
    (4) Toys
    Cats like round things that can be rolled, such as balls, ball balls, balloons, etc. Cats are moving and not quiet, so you can hang some floating ribbons, note, cloth strips, etc. in the room. If you prepare a few small toys that can be moved, such as a mouse that can be moved or plastic frogs that can jump and jump, it will cause a cat's great interest. The way of cat toys and playing must also be continuously innovated. A kind of toy has been playing for a long time, and cats will be tired. Cat and toys do not have to be complete and beautiful, as long as the cat feels fun. Sometimes the owner holds a rope in his hand to tease the cat for a long time.
    (5) The suitcase
    The cats or cages should be prepared regardless of group cats or family cats. There are three types of cats: large, middle and small cats abroad. In fact, it is not complicated to make it by yourself. Usually, it can be made of wooden or wire mesh to grow 40 to 45 cm, 30 % wide, and 30 cm high. When making wooden boards, 6 to 8 holes in diameter of about 1 cm in diameter should be left on both sides of the box or the top to facilitate the ventilation of the cat's ventilation. In addition, cats should also be prepared for cats, bathtubs, combs and claws.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Tableware: Cats also have to eat and drink water, so it is important to prepare a cat for a cat. The material of the selected food basin and water basin should be adhered to, the basin must be heavy, and the edges must be thick, so that the cat can prevent the cats from turning the food during the diet. 2. Cat sand pot: This must be prepared. Whether it is parents who make a cat toilet or buy one from the store. Cat toilets must be prepared, unless you can accept cats that can be excreted in the room. Otherwise, after the cat go home, it is necessary to train it to be convenient for the cat toilet. 3. Cat's nest: Prepare a warm, comfortable and independent cat nest for the cat. Don't let cats sleep simply on the ground, especially in the cold winter, so cats are easy to get sick. At the same time, prepare a warm cat's nest for cats, so that it has room for its own life, and also allows cats to not drill your quilt to disturb your rest. 4. Toys: There are many toys for cats, leisure and entertainment, cleaning the oral bite, and so on. Toys for cats should also be diversified, in addition to meeting the requirements of cats' leisure and entertainment. It is also very important to choose functional toys such as cat -grabbing board and bite. GuessnWhat is the best name for the white cat?nI want to raise recentlynAnswer Jinbao, StarsnSiruo, Bingbing, Snowflake, White Frost, White TigernAcai, Xinlin, Qian Duo, Xuanwu, QiannengnEveryday, White Snow, Xiaobing, Angel, AnqinRuizhe, Junyue, Treasure, Siya, QianlongnKebai, Hongzhuang, God of Wealth, Wangcai, MoneynBeibei, Dafu, Youqi, Jin Sheng, XinxinnRuyi, Wangwang, Jingsheng, Baoer, LaifunSnowball, point, banana, meat bag, shellnBouncing, balls, moon cakes, foxes, AnnienDaiyu, Ding Ding, San'er, Fei Shao, MarknMaggie, Monroe, Jiajia, Jiajia, Xiao XinLaden, Xuelang, Zai Tsai, Niu Niu, DoudounJinbao, Mingjin, Jinghui, Xili, HongzhongzhongnDali, Yuqian, Nafu, Qinglong, YuanlainKiki, Xiao Ai, Xianxian, Xianni, AnnienSweet, Milly, Dot, Baby, BeibeinMo Mo, Xiaoxue, Lolo, Nana, XiangxiangnDuoduo, Yanlai, Jincai, Duoji, CaifunReunion, Wangzi, Fubao, Huang Jin, Da GuinRich, Abe, Suzaku, Qixi, JiacainRui Rui, Yuanyuan, Coco, Gege, tanknThese are all possible, and you can also bring good lucknAsk, can there be no place in the house, can it be kept on the balcony, or can it be raised in the firewood room downstairs?nAnswer the balcony, but pay attention to the temperature, don't let the cat too dry.nQuestion, so how to cut your nails for cats?nAnswer to the cat to avoid the blood line of its nails. The blood line is generally pink or bright red, maintaining enough patience, and the use of the cat grip.nAsk a friend and say that pressing the cat's claws, the nail will pop up, is it true? Intersection Intersection And thank you for answering my question. I will ask you next time!nListening to a friend said that pressing the cat's claws, the nails will pop out, is it true? Intersection Intersection And thank you for answering my question. I will ask you next time!nAnswer, watching the cat likes you touch its paw like thisnCats are cats, and their claws can indeed shrink automatically.nTigers and lions can also be free.n33 morenBleak

  4. The main thing is to prepare psychological preparations:
    This cats are a decision that requires very cautious thinking. Cats are a life. Raising a cat is like raising their own children. It is a part of the family, and it is not possible to give up.
    The cats are kept without eating and drinking. No matter what the breeder will bring additional work and trouble.
    The excreta, dietary problems, hair loss, illness and seeing a doctor, and strong destructive power need to be prepared in advance.
    It is to make up for the various knowledge of raising cats
    Different cat varieties will have different personalities. Do your homework in advance and consider what kind of cats to raise.
    It to know how to take care of the daily lives of cats, how to do the daily health maintenance of cats, how to do the cleaning of cats correctly, and the choice of cat food and even production methods.
    Then you can prepare cat supplies
    For example: all kinds of cat food (what kind of food loves to love cats in the early stage, slowly run in), canned cats, cat sand Sand), cat sand pot (try to buy large closed types, so as not to change it later), cat rice bowl (water and cat food are open), cat grabbing board (buy a few more, easy to damage), cat treasure (must be sure Buy), cat toys (funny cat sticks, laser pens are good), cat suspension (self -made).
    The last is to do the daily cleaning and health of the cat.
    Chemakes should be used to perform regular vaccines, deworming in internal and in vitro, 5-6 months consider giving cats sterilize, and pay attention to postoperative matters after sterilization.

    So raising cats is a tedious thing. You must have prepared psychological preparations in advance.

  5. 1. Cat's nest
    The cat's nest is the home of the cat. It is where it is about to live. The cat's nest must be comfortable and security, such as carton, tatami, etc. Give it a warm and comfortable home. Essentials.

    2, cat food
    If it is a pet cat, it is estimated that they are treated delicious and delicious. Cat food is the best choice. Of course, the owner who can make a cat food must make a rich and nutritious cat rice for the cat. You must not eat leftovers for the cat. Some people are always harassed by mice. The more smarter the mice are, the method of eliminating mice such as mouse medicine, mouse clip, etc., so it is very effective for raising cats to treat mice. What, but try not to give the cat leftovers.

    3, medicine
    Once adopted the cat, you must check the cat regularly. Some naughty cats scratch the owner or accidentally hurt themselves. Such as iodine is very important.
    4, tools
    The cat's hair should be repaired and organized, otherwise the cat will make their hair everywhere. It caught itself or furniture.
    5, cat litter pot
    cats love cleanly, and they pay great attention to privacy. Cat sand pots are used to protect the cat's privacy. Traces to protect your safety. Cat sand pots are selected as closed as possible. There must be a cat litter that chooses to make the cat comfortable. R n. There must be a cat -loving heart, willing to raise cats, and have enough patience to live with cats, tolerant cats, whether it is bad or good habit, if it is a good habit, keep it. It is a bad habit to use enough patience to change the cat slowly. There is the most basic and most important thing for a cat love.

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