1 thought on “What is the cat climbing rack, how to choose the suitable cat climbing rack”

  1. 1. Cat climbing is a shelf designed for cats, a fashionable pet supplies.

    . Select a family of a cat according to the number of cats in the family. It is enough to choose a platform or a cat's nest climbing. If you feel monotonous In this way, cats will not feel boring. Families with many cats can choose a larger climbing shelf, so that each cat is required to avoid family disputes.

    3. Select according to the size of the home space. Cat climbing is not bigger and better. When placing climbing racks, the cat must leave the cat's space and ensure that there are no fragile items around, so as not to hit the cat that should not be hit. Or break the decorations in the home.

    4. Select according to the age preference of cats. Young cats are more lively and prefer to jump up and down, so it is best to choose a climbing rack with platforms and cat nests in the upper space. If there are elderly cats or cats such as elderly cats or obese cats in the family, the climbing rack with a cat's nest at the bottom is the best choice.

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